Identity Art Exhibit


collage of vintage appropriated images agein women

Detail of Collage “How Old is Old” by Sally Edelstein part of Identity Exhibit at the gallery nine5 . The Collage is composed of hundreds of appropriated images of medias representation of women and aging

In a world dominated by pop culture, society and the media – how is identity defined?

I am pleased to be a part of an  important international exhibition of 25 works from 21 female artists   entitled Identity and I invite you all to visit if you are in the NY area.



Identity seeks to expose the extremism of a consumer culture dominated by Western notions of beauty and the pursuit of idealized feminine perfection by exploring themes of power, representation and objectification. Female artists, in particular, face the challenge of identifying themselves amidst a society determined to do it for them.

The artists featured in Identity attempt to manipulate the boundaries of authority and dominance and explore deeper themes of control. The viewer is challenged to confront his or her own gaze on the body and reflect on the psychological aspects of the female persona. Drawing from a feminist perspective, the selected works aim to define gender and identity through the artist’s terms, whether through accepting or rejecting society’s view, and voicing their individual definitions of the powerful feminine.

Please join us for the opening reception on Saturday, May 31st from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Performance Art by Megan Mantia and Leone Anne Reeves: GIRL WORLD OUR WORLD OUR BRAINS WE LIVE HERE AND WE LOVE IT: An Erotic Memoir on May 31 at 4:30 p.m.



gallery nine5
24 Spring Street
New York, NY

Exhibition runs from May 31 to June 22, 2014

The artists in the exhibition at gallery nine5 are Shonagh Adelman, Chan & Mann, Sally Edelstein, Claire Joyce, Lauren Kalman, Beth Lakamp, Jessica Lichtenstein, Jessica Maria Manley, Meghan Mantia and Leone Reeves, Sarah Maple, Ellen Deitell Newman, Samantha Persons, Mei Xian QIu, Jennifer Reeder, Phyllis Rosser, Sonal Shah, Erin Sparler, Joanne Ungar, Cristina Velazquez, and Meghan Willis.





  1. Congrats Sally – I hope to make it, love your work!


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