Our Planet is Under the Weather

vintage illustration of cartoon earth being examined by doctor

Under the Weather with a case of Fossil Fuel Toxicity. Vintage illustration from Mallory Batteries advertisement

Despite all the climate change deniers, Mother Earth is severely under the weather.

Due to decades of addiction, the earth is battling a life threatening case of acute fossil fuel toxicity.

Left untreated, addiction to fossil fuels is often fatal.

A Dangerous Diagnosis

After a century or more of overindulgence, Mother Earth is exhibiting the late stages of addiction. The hallmark signs are evident – impaired control over a substance, preoccupation and continued use despite consequences and denial of its harm.

Immediate intervention is required for recovery. Stat.

Global Concern for our Globe

All across the globe concern for action on climate change took to the streets on Sunday with the Peoples Climate March, who are campaigning to curb carbon emissions, demanding urgent action on climate change .

Along with tens of thousands who attended the Peoples Climate  March in NYC,  UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon told a reporter “This is the planet where our subsequent generations will live. There is no Plan B, because we do not have Planet B.”


Note: The above illustration is ironically taken from a 1950 ad for Mallory Batteries that provide power to help oil drillers in their precision drilling.

Vintage 1950 ad Mallory Batteries

Vintage 1950 ad Mallory Batteries


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  1. Kevin Noteboom

    Dear Ms. Edelstein:

    Yours is the only blog to which I subscribe. I discovered it as I was looking for inspiration on mid-century commercial artwork–and was hooked on the spot. Thank you–I am a theatrical designer and illustrator, and the pictures you post are the perfect fulcrum for flashing back to those times. And as a bonus, you narratives are wonderful. Thanks, so much.

    Kevin Noteboom


    • Thanks so much Kevin for your kind words. I am delighted you stumbled upon my blog and hope you continue to enjoy it. For many years I worked as an illustrator often referencing this time period and have accumulated quite a collection in the process.


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