Vintage Booty Boosters

Female Bottom Enhancements


A turkey isn’t the only thing being stuffed this Thanksgiving.

With visions of a well basted Kim Kardashian dancing in their heads, curve-challenged women wanting to appear more bootyliscious are frantically wriggling into padded panties strategically stuffed with foam and silicone gel pads on their hips and butts.

Booty is back in a big way

The decades long desire for a diminished derriere has seemingly bottomed out.

Buns of Steel are just so yesterday.

Bottoms Up

Lingerie Fredericks Pad it SWScan03590

No ifs, ands or butts about it, suddenly everyone wants a bodacious booty.

The Rubenesque rump long reviled is this years must-have fashion accessory for sex appeal, something non-white culture has long embraced.

Even that gold standard of style Vogue declared “We’re in the era of the big booty.”

Now after years of killer exercises to flatten our plump posteriors, what gal doesn’t find herself needing a boost in the caboose?

Booty Call

lingerie Fredericks Hollywood padded panty

“Two Timer Miracle foam rubber pads fit into miraculously shaped pockets in hip and derriere.” Vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood Catalog


Lucky for her booty boosters are booming. Forget padded bras, padded panties are all the rage.

Without lifting a finger, breaking a sweat or resorting to surgery, padded panties have come to women’s rescue, transforming flat bottom millennials into Nicki Minaj-worthy curvy ones.

Big Booty is Big Business

Hugely successful companies like Booty Pop have proved booty business is booming.

Guaranteeing you can “Go from flat to fab in seconds with Booty Pop padded panties,” the company’s success has spawned a deluge of other butt enhancers with cheeky names like foxy fanny, sweet cheeks and bubble butts.

All seem to offer perfecting your butt with a simple technique; each side of the undergarment has a pocket for a secret pad turning your tush into a perfect bubble butt.

“The panties,” boasts Booty Pop “that have revolutionized fashion, to turn flat behinds into fab bootys much like the padded bra reinvented cleavage.”

Padding Perfection

Fredericks of Hollywood Padded bra and panty

Vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood Bras and Padded Panty


Hate to bust their bubble, but old school Fredericks of Hollywood beat you to the padded revolution over 65 years ago.

Long before silicone gel padding graced the hips and butts of millennials, if a mid-century gal wanted to be bootyliscious she could count on Frederick’s of Hollywood to give mother nature a helping hand. The thriving mail order business could provide a curve challenged miss an entire wardrobe of padding perfection from bust to bottom.


lingerie fredericks Hollywood padding

Thought cleavage was just for breasts? Cheeky cleavage shape up with Frederick’s better than bare panty. “Show a sexier rear with Frederick’s cleavage seam. Lifts and separates and shapes a natural youthful uplifted look.”


After the opening of the first store in Hollywood in 1947 they introduced the worlds first padded bra followed by the first ever push up bra named “The rising star” in 1948. Supplying Hollywood’s sexiest movie stars, founder Frederick Mellinger skillfully turned droopy derrieres into youth looking, head turning, body luscious bootys.

Bottoms Up


lingerie Fredericks Hollywood padded panty

“Want to Keep a Figure Secret? No one needs to know that shape is only partly yours! Gives you the perfect uplift for unrivaled curves. Center separation for that natural look.” Vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood


The junk in that trunk was more 1954 Impala


Cheeky Cleavage

lingerie Fredericks Hollywood miracle shelfSWScan03588

Frederick’s exclusive Miracle Lift Shelf promised to lift drooping rears.  “Live it up with the living end. Miracle Lift shelf raises up and out for fantastic sex appeal The derriere is left uncovered yet you maintain the tightest of tummies.”


Female Body and padded panty

(L) vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood padded panty (R) Vintage photo “Artists Anatomy Handbook”

Frederick’s of Hollywood Fanny Former. “Cleavage so-o-o clever he’ll never know you cheated. Pre-shaped removable pads, center stretch seam for fanny cleavage.”

Bottom Line

Up to now we’ve been deluged with edicts for larger breasts, thinner thighs and washboard abs. Face it gals, our derrieres need some attention and its high time someone got to the bottom of the issue.

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  3. Oh brother, big butts.
    Well I knew eventually that trend would happen – I wonder, since Barbie reflects current trends of body shape if suddenly she will get a bigger caboose?

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  4. Arn’t we women good in cheating 😉 But when things get serious… Anyway still better than a surgery 🙂


  5. Ah, those old Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs! I wonder how many of us got part of our sex education by browsing through them. I still don’t understand the crotchless panties that could also be worn as a bra — obviously, not at the same time, so what was the point?

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  6. Hilarious! All of this is fine and well but what about when the woman finally disrobes??

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  7. The best thing for me is that ‘fanny’ is a British slang word for the other side of a woman’s lower region. The thought of having a padded one has sent me into hysterics.

    I’m off for a lie down and a cup of tea.

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  8. sdaven5191

    Well, wouldn’t you know…been carrying around “junk in the trunk” all of my post-adolescent existence. At this point, it’s too late for it to do me much good, except for the fact that I happened to have attracted an “admirer” of such things way back before it was fashionable (or after the “Frederick’s Fever” had passed, anyway) and we were smart enough, at 19 and 20, to get married, and got even smarter as time passed and stayed that way! Thirty-eight years later, we’re now downright brilliant! LOL! Ah well ~ I hope the millenials learn how to get that smart. It’s only to everyone’s benefit that they do, I guess.
    Fat bottom girls make the rockin’ world go round, ya know!

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