It Ain’t Easy Being Rich

vintage comic book art Veronica Lodge Archie Comics.

Fabulously wealthy Veronica, the only child of money bags Hiram Lodge the richest man in Riverdale, is understandably outraged at President Obama’s proposed tax reforms, which clearly discriminates against the wealthy . Vintage comic “Betty and Veronica” 1969

Who said it’s easy being rich?

Looks like tough times ahead for those trust fund comic kids Richie Rich and Veronica Lodge.

In his state of the Union Address President Obama attacked what he calls the “trust fund loopholes” that allow wealthy Americans to skip some taxes when passing on money to their heirs.

Let the Republican outrage begin.

Utter the word raising taxes on the very rich will have Republicans protesting on the streets.

vintage comic Richie Rich

Richie Rich the worlds richest boy needn’t worry about not being taken care of. Vintage comic Richie Rich 1969

However Richie Rich shouldn’t lose too much sleep over any of this.

With Republicans in control of the Congress and Senate, the chances of the proposals being enacted anytime soon are practically nil.

Guess middle class Archie and Betty are out of luck in getting any relief.

Copyright (©) 2015 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved



  1. You mean you don’t feel sorry for them for having to spend so much money on security services to protect their many homes or deal with the vicissitudes of employing undocumented workers to tend their gardens and clean their toilets?

    For shame, Sally! You are heartless! They spent good money to buy those Congressmen and Senators necessary to create those tax loopholes, then pay their accountants to work them to best advantage.


  2. Where is Scrooge McDuck?


  3. Scrooge McDuck will be appearing in a future post about the 1% in comics. This one was just for the trust fund kids!


  4. I wish we could expect very much from what Obama hopes for, but I don’t see Republicans rolling over on anything. They have recently supported issues that as much as 80% of the general populace has opposed and have gotten away with it. Obama might get part of what he’s asking for but thinking that this will somehow transport us back to 70’s style liberalism and peanut farmer politics is not realistic.


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