A Black Eye for NYPD Blue

Police NYPD Violence Continues

NY Daily New headlines tell the story in black and white (Top) An unarmed Sean Bell was shot 50 times by police, 2006, 1999 slaying of unarmed Amadou Diallo in a hail of 41 bullets in the Bronx, 1997 Police officers brutalized Abner Louima on the bathroom of a Brooklyn Station House, 2014 Police choke hold leads to the death of Eric Garner.


As it appears that the NYPD has applied a red pencil to its Wikipedia page editing the people it killed, the cold facts are sadly black and white.

Some of the names allegedly deleted from their pages include Sean Bell who was killed in 2006 on the morning of his wedding day at a strip club in Queens, N.Y.

After leaving the nightclub he and his friends were confronted by a plainclothes undercover officer who did not identify himself. When bell sped off the officer and his backup let out 50 rounds into bells vehicle killing him and severely injuring his friend.

No one in the car was found with a gun.

Another disappearing act was Amadou Diallo an unarmed man shot 41 times by the police. Officers believing he fit the description of a serial rapist followed him to his apartment door. When Diallo reached into his jacket a cop yelled gun and the other officers let out 41 shots killing Diallo.

No gun was found, only a wallet.

Despite their attempt to erase him from their pages, the memory Eric Garner’s homicide is too fresh, as  we continue to choke on our civil rights.



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  2. When are police departments going to drum out the bad cops? Like the Catholic Church and the pedophile priests, it’s the bad apples who give everybody a black eye.

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