Teaching Racism

collage civil rights-school integration and vintage school book illustrations


A Texas elementary teacher gives new meaning to Throwback Thursday.

Now that Karen Fitzgibbons has been fired, I’m sure the “I’m-not-a-racist” Texas 4th grade teacher who proposed segregation on a Facebook post, can find another teaching job where her opinions still fit in… perhaps at a school in 1953.

The 1960s were to have served as a wake up call to many Americans concerning race and police. Recent events seem to indicate that somehow how we fell back to sleep.


collage school civil rights welcome integration

Sweet Home Alabama. Of course there were never any racial disparities in Lily white Maplewood or any of the fictitious towns in our schoolbooks

The all American white schoolbooks of my own 1960s civil rights era childhood served as nothing less than a primer on white privilege. If racial identity shapes the way people are treated by police it also shapes the way we are likely to view them.

It’s time to stop living in a black and white world.

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  1. Gail Anderson

    The teacher who made these awful comments was in our family’s school district, although neither of my 2 kids knew her. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly the school district fired her. Lubbock, TX isn’t the most progressive area in the world. And until 3 or 4 years ago, they didn’t even let the kids have the Martin Luther King holiday off, even though most everyplace else has had the MLK holiday off for decades.

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  2. Interesting! Thanks for adding to the story


  3. As Gail Anderson above points out, many rural school districts subtly “allow” this due to the district supervisor and minion principals, along with passive support from parents… again, in those rural areas. I teach in Carrollton Farmers-Branch ISD, in DFW area, as well as subbing in Coppell and Lewisville infrequently, and I’m super pleased that the district acted so quickly and appropriately! I’m not surprised at all by this teacher. I see or read about this mentality in Texas — whether in school districts, police forces, political rallies, or parents/groups — at least once a year in our highly egotistical (whoops, sorry… “Proud”) Lone Star state! 😛

    Fantastic post! Like you’ve done Sally, awareness, proper correct education, then ACTION is the way to permanently rid this transgenerational petri dish that parents (or teachers?) keep putting bacteria into and perpetuating the infection. :/


      • Interesting enough — or sadly depending on one’s personal world-view — here in Texas when a person or outspoken advocate of “unconventional” social ‘Equality’ or economic equality or legislation for non-traditional equality, that position runs abrasively against this Red State’s “Lone Star” freedoms… Lone as in independent of Federal mandates & legislations. I’ve personally listened to this sector’s arguement as an “invasion of family privacy and beliefs”. The annual increases in chartered and private educations in Texas (including home-schooling) is indicative of this sector’s opposition. :/

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