The Year of the Woman

collage appropriated images vintage women

Collage by Sally Edelstein for Huffington Post


Shirley Chisholm, Flo Kennedy, Bella Abzug, oh my!

An amazing documentary that had been lost in time….until now.

A  documentary that disappeared more than 40 years ago is finally available to everyone for the first time – a gift to modern-day feminists thanks to The Huntington Post.

Filmed at the Democratic Convention in Miami Beach in July 1972, NY representative Shirley Chisholm has just completes a groundbreaking campaign for the presidency Feminists are trying to leverage women’s power at a political convention for the first time.

Entitled Year of the Woman  it’s belligerent, hilarious and at times a real hoot. A must see.


collage Sally Edelstein

collage for Huffington Post by Sally Edelstein

With an interesting essay written by Rebecca Traister, it is illustrated by me.



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  1. Congratulations on your work with the article and the Huffington Post. Those were years of promise for women everywhere. Unfortunately that promise has been beaten down by those who call themselves conservatives. Who are nothing but rabble rousers and radicals. First it was the ERA. Then it was women’s right to choose and equal pay. Now they are going after artificial contraceptives.

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