Ciao From Tuscany

Sally Edelstein Tuscany Vineyards

Under the Tuscan Sun

Greeting to all my readers.  I will be returning to Envisioning the American Dream after Labor Day with all new posts.

Until then please enjoy my classic posts – like vintage wine, they get better with age!


Vintage ad 1944 Italian Swiss Colony Wine illustration Italian village

Vintage ad 1944 Italian Swiss Colony Wine



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  2. Beware of the Wrath of the Grapes!

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  3. You look more like a British lady than an American! 🙂

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  4. Beautiful scenery. Both you and the landscape.

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    • Thanks Don. Driving through Tuscany with its undulating hills, blanketed with vineyards, groves of silver green olive trees and enchanting medieval towns perched on hilltops is absolutely breathtaking and easy to see why it has inspired artists for centuries.

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  5. As you returned home safely, there is no need för thnis

    Bonnie Tyler – Lost in France 1977


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