Who Says You’re Right in Liking Meat?

Vintage ad bacon boy eating bacon

Bacon lovers are bemoaning the horrifying news that their favorite breakfast food has now been added to the ever-growing list of things that cause cancer. Vintage ad Swifts bacon 1961


Who says “you’re right in liking meat?”

Certainly not the World Health Organization who caused mass hysteria recently by adding much beloved processed foods like bacon, sausage, cold cuts and hot dogs to the list of cancer causing items.

Mighty red meat was not far behind, joining that ever-expanding carcinogenic list of other once prized mid century classics like tobacco, asbestos and DDT.

Now demonized, these same food items were once the darlings of nutritionists.

Processed meat was not only cherished, it was revered, prized for its high nutritional value.

Once upon a time folks  were not concerned if their consumption of red meat was too high, but worried that they were not consuming enough of the healthy stuff!

Who Put the Meat in America

Vintage ad meat

Vintage ad American Meat Institute 1947

To make certain mid-century Americans included plenty of essential red meat in their diet, The American Meat Institute created a long running ad campaign touting the benefits and magic of meat, assuring the public that yes, you’re right in liking meat!

The ads that ran from WWII through the 1950’s drew no distinction in food value or health benefits whether from  the lowly hot dog or  the king of meat, the sirloin steak.

Meat was the yard stick of protein, the gold standard of nutrition or as the American Meat Institute called it “the nutritional cornerstone of life.”

Some bacon lovers today would firmly agree.

You Know It Was Good

Vintage ad for bacon American Meat Institute

All their ads came with the certification of the American Medical Association,confirming meats nutritional value. Vintage Ad American Meat Institute.

Bacon aficionados, a group hit hard by this recent cancer confirmation, can now take heart in this vintage ad that asks the reader: “You Know it was good- but did you know it was this good?”

“Those  ribbons of rosy lean and crispy fat are more than food- with flavor,” the copy explain about nutritious bacon.  “Each streak of fat is energy food. Each streak of lean has complete protein – with all ten of the body building amino acids that must be provided at the same time to do their work right!”

Nourishing Bacon – Fill er up!

vintage ad bacon

Vintage ad American Meat Institute

Here’s the break at breakfast the snap in sandwiches a flavor lift for all other foods a mighty good main dish too! And look what bacon brings to the meal. Protein the kind supplied by all meat- is the greatest builder of muscles and bodies – essential for maintaining healthy tissues and nerves.

So bring home the bacon. You’re Right in liking meat!


A Sizzling Sausage Says All’s Right With The World

Vintage ad sausages in pan

Vintage ad American Meat Institute 1947

Behind Good eating sure…but behind that flavor and sausage sizzle are high digestibility and good sound nourishment the kind of nourishment that contributes to that feeling that “all’s right with the world.”

Cold Cuts -Yardstick of Protein Foods

Vintage ad Cold Cuts American Meat Institute

Vintage ad American meat Institute 1948

Cold Cuts as a nourishing meal…. that’s no baloney

Something nice to come home to the cold cut dinner- Ingenious wives are finding ways to build glamorous and well-balanced meals around the all meat economy of cold cuts. And appreciative husbands are giving them a hand.

A Square Meal Feeling

Vintage ad hot dogs and hamburgers on a grill

Vintage ad American Meat Institute 1946

Cooked to a carcinogenic turn, burgers and hot dogs grilled over the coals is quintessentially American.

Sure, high temperatures cooking such as cooking meat in direct contact with flames produce more carcinogenic compounds but  as this ad says: “meat from the outdoor grill is more than just eating fun. Meat has the right kind of protein containing all of the amino acids essential to life and health. Meat provides satisfaction in the eating that good “square meal feeling.”

“Yes, outdoors or indoors you’re right in liking meat.”

Vintage ad hot dogs on the grill

Vintage ad American Meat Institute 1948

Hot diggety dog, those red hots are a complete nourishing protein meal!

As American as the Lincoln Highway  friendly franks these tender juicy ruddy packages of fine meat food- handy and nutritious. Americans like ’em for their convenience. Our choice has been a wise one. The fine chopped, tender meats of this popular food contain high quality proteins and balanced nutrition

Meat…You’re right in liking it because it contains so many things that are good for you…and maybe some things that aren’t.

Continuing this week … an homage to meat and a time when Americans were encouraged to not only bring home the bacon, but the rump roast, pork chop and swiss steak too!

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  1. ephil08

    This is all red meat so is Chicken and Fish still on the table. Also, I wanted to point out that the quality of our meat has changed. Like the animals are raised differently and stuff. So, is it bad because meat is bad or because the companies have neglected the meat as just a great thing that doesn’t matter what you do with it?


    • The WHO report says red meats including beef, pork, veal and lamb are probably carcinogenic to people, so for now i assume chicken and fish are ok, although rampant use of antibiotics, growth hormones and inhumane conditions don’t bode well for poultry and farm raised fish have their share of problems too. I suspect these food items aren’t inherently bad especially in moderation, but big business practices are the likely culprit.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. There was a time, before refrigeration, when salted pork products were a major part of the American diet. In the 21st century, it’s hard to imagine anyone eating bacon for its protein — we eat it for the fat and the salt! But not, I hope, every day!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Susan

    It’s good to remember that the USDA (Department of Agriculture) does not exist primarily to guarantee the safety of our food, but to increase sales of U.S. agricultural products. And that it is difficult for cattle to digest corn, so the feed lot is not the home of contented cows, but of animals in discomfort and, shall we say, “gastric distress,” which leads to the spread of “fecal contamination” and the spread of E-coli bacteria. Books by Marion Nestle, Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies, and Public Health at New York University, are always illuminating: http://www.foodpolitics.com/about/

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You are of course correct, the lobbyists for the American meat industry, the National dairy Association etc. all have congressmen in their speed dial. Thanks for the link to Marion Nestles always illuminating writings


  6. J

    I have friends that are in there 90’s that used to sop up bacon grease with a biscuit every morning they are in there 90’s and still going strong. It’s not the meat it’s the hormones and chemicals, and the agenda to make the US muslin complient. Don’t fall for this stupid stuff! Also don’t believe anything that comes from a “world organization, they are praying on ditsy Americans to bring the US down to the level of poorer country’s. Wake up people! Do you not realise past generations are living to there 90’s, and most people in later generations start dying or getting terminal conditions in there 40’s and 5o’s now! Wake up! Don’t fall for stupid crap! Think for yourself, do some research instead of believing everything you read.


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