Americans In The Cross Hairs Again

Vintage illustration and target pactice

Ordinary Americans in the cross hairs again.

The American public is in the cross hairs of tragedy once again.

Another day and another mass shooting.  There have been more mass shootings than calendar days so far in 2015. How can this be…what is passing for normal in our country?

vintage ad and gun control symbol

Gun control must be fundamental to living the American Dream

People don’t risk their lives to come to America in pursuit of the right to bear arms.

They come to have a better life, a chance at the American Dream.They come to worship as they please, and to have the freedom to have a voice. People risk their lives to come here to exercise the First Amendment.  It is essential that we use the First Amendment to improve the Second.

To live out our American dream stricter gun control must be  fundamental.

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  1. and that’s exactly what the power brokers want you to promote…we gave away our right to privacy with the passage of the patriot act…slowly but surely we give in to the propaganda…these mass shootings are indeed tragic BUT giving away our rights won’t solve the problem


    • If you are talking about the right to bear arms, I would strongly disagree. That right is as outdated as separate water fountains for black and white. Gun control will not solve the problem today. Gun control will not solve the problem tomorrow. But gun control must be part of the solution to the problem of the gun violence that’s become normative in this country where gun freedom is part of the culture.

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      • well, they are working hard to grant your wish…i can’t carry anyway…and i didn’t agree with federalizing the airports or the patriot act…they will eventually outlaw guns…and since they now have a database of legal gun owners, they will pursue them 1st…it’s ALWAYS the good guys who suffer…NEVER the bad guys…but, yes you will get your wish because the bill of rights has no meaning to you…which you demonstrated by comparing it to racism…


  2. Plasma Cutter

    You published this after hundreds of Parisians died because they couldn’t defend themselves due to “gun control”.

    You post it on the day yet another mass shooting in a heavy gun control state proves gun control doesn’t work, calling for yet more “gun control”.

    Do you also call for “speech control”? How about “poll taxes”?

    You seem to be perfectly fine abrogating constitutional rights when it suits your mass hysteria.


  3. What rights did those people who lost their lives have in the end. They lost their right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. So the shooters could have their right to have guns.

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