Guns for Christmas and Other Clever Catalog Gifts

vintage photo woman on phone and vintage catalog page for guns

It’s hard to imagine today when mass shootings are a regular occurrence and cries for gun control are going unheard, it was once so simple and easy to order a gun in the mail.

Christmas catalogs have long been a cherished  staple in the American home.

Just like today, the mid-century housewife flipped through the pages of her favorite catalog  and enjoyed the ease of shopping the telephone way with  a whole department store at her fingertips.

Smart, practical gifts. A Brownie for Junior, a Beretta for Dad.

Ordering that 12 gauge shot-gun was as easy and painless as ordering a pair of roller skates or a cuddly plush stuffed animal for your youngster. Ten percent down, free shipping, no waiting, no fuss, no muss.

Guns as gay as Xmas itself, and as low as $4.00 a month.

Holiday time and guns just seem to go together. 

 No where is the uptick in gun purchasing revealed than during holiday season. Its become the post Thanksgiving tradition.

Christmas Catalog Shopping

Xmas catalogs Sears 1958 1952

Vintage Christmas Catalogs Sears Christmas Book 1958 and 1952


vintage xmas catalogs covers

Vintage Christmas catalogs – Spiegel The Golden Christmas Book 1959 and Montgomery Wards 1959


Xmas catalogs Sears 1962 Spiegel 1955

Vintage Christmas Catalogs- Sears 1962 and Spiegel 1955

Lets take a peek inside the mail order madness of mid century Xmas catalogs filled with gifts  and guns galore.  For a Christmas to remember, they were  bound to have every member of your family in their cross hairs:

 Brighter Giving For Brighter Living

vintage catalog pages mid century guns and Christmas presents

For the man around the house, who wouldn’t be happy to find any of these beauties under their Christmas tree/ Vintage pages from Spiegel Christmas Catalog 1956

Big Game Stoppers …Rudolph Beware

Vintage xmas catalog pages guns deer and rudolph

Rudolph the red nose reindeer makes an easy target for hunters

Just In Time For Christmas

Vintage Xmas catalog pages Xmas Guns Fruitcake In Time for Christmas

A favorite American tradition – fruitcake or firearms…your choice

A Gift That’s Right on Target

Vintage Xmas catalog pages guns and stuffed animals

Just a Flick of Your Trigger Finger will bring hours of fun. All rifles shipped free for your convenience

Fully Automatic

vintage pages Xmas Catalogs guns automatic pop ups

Guns and butter department . Whether rifles or toasters, Americans like their gadgets automatic

How to Take A Great Shot

xmas guns cameras say cheez

Complete Outfits that Anyone Can Use

Winter Fun For The Whole Family…Skating on Thin Ice

Xmas Guns Real Shooting Fun

Dependable and fast handling

For Gracious Living

xmas catalog guns entertaining at home

Vintage Christmas catalog pages Sears 1958 .

Recommended for Youngsters

xmas guns youngster toys

An excellent shotgun to put in young hands

Be a Big Shot- Styled Just Like Dads

Xmas Guns Lads matches Dads PJs

Give a gift of warmth for lads and dads

Baby’s First Christmas – Festive and Fun

Xmas Guns rifles Baby

Year Round Recreational Fun

xmas Guns recreation games

Step up and test your skill. Score with lively family fun. Vintage pages from Christmas catalogs

Cries Real tears

vintage Xmas catalog gun dolls

Personal and Portable Presents

vintage catalog xmas guns pistols and record player

Fun to give fun to receive, a personal portable pistol or record player

Gun Control

Buying that handgun was a snap. Making it clear that they do not sell handguns to minors, the only security check was that the handgun coupon must accompany  each order. Emphasizing that the buyer must be “of sound mind”, the same can’t be said of the lax sellers.

guns certificate SWScan05675

This certificate required with each Pistol order. Important Notice, they explained. This certificate must accompany every handgun order. No pistols revolvers, or automatics sold to minors. Aldens Catalog

For Your Christmas Angel

vintage xmas catalog pages guns and little girl dresses

“The recoil on this beauty is so light it’s like a friendly pat on your shoulder,” the copy explains about these selection of rifles. Some might just plain recoil.

Smart Santa Knows Guns As Gay as Christmas Itself

Vintage catalog pages guns and Christmas decorations

Big Game Hunting

vintage Xmas catalog guns and stuffed animals

To Brighten Your Home….The True Meaning of Christmas

vintage pages Xmas catalog guns nativity scenes

Longer Time to Pay … and Pray

vintage catalog pages guns and bibles

Vintage catalog pages Montgomery Ward 1959

And Not a Creature Was Stirring….

Xmas catalogs Sear 58

Vintage Christmas Catalog Sears 1958

It’s still way too easy to purchase guns.

Christmas still remains a “gunfest” for many Americans.

Last Christmas, even after all the tragic  mass shootings, gun owners happily posted photos of themselves with their new “toys” under the Xmas tree.

Mass shootings have become as much an American tradition as shopping for  presents at Christmas time.

It’s still way too easy to purchase guns.

America has an extraordinary number of child involved shootings These occur when a child happens upon a gun or is left alone with one and ends up shooting themselves or another person.

The inevitable consequences of widespread gun ownership is a never-ending series of tragedies involving children.

Vintage pages Xmas catalog family in pjs sleeping

Vintage Christmas catalog page Montgomery Ward 1959

Children accidentally shot by other children are collateral casualties of the accessibility of guns in our country.

Its time to wake up and stop the meaningless madness of shootings and take meaningful action about gun culture in America.

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  1. Sally,

    The other week I listened to a retired law-enforcement agent of 30+ years explain something very simple to this national cultural problem. He stated (and I think I must agree with him) that it is harder to obtain a Driver’s License in America than it is to purchase a firearm. He was utterly perplexed and angry at this stupidity. Why? Because a moving vehicle is ALSO a lethal weapon if not operated and driven safely, properly, and with basic driver and traffic-laws education. HAH! Imagine that!? :/

    Yet, as has been the case for centuries, when a “problem” can be easily rectified, there is often an economic benefactor at risk strongly opposing such change and legislation. HAH! Imagine that as well. 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • scott S.

      Which part of the constitution says you have the RIGHT to drive?


      • Hah! Fantastic question scott S! Thank you!

        The 18th-century Second Amendment doesn’t speak about 21st-century weaponry or armaments does it—just as it doesn’t speak about driving vehicles or flying jet-fighters/bombers does it? Ludicrous, flawed, anachronistic logic. Hence, our Core Founding Fathers and the 1787 Constitutional Convention delegates could have NEVER, in their wildest imaginations, talked about, debated, drafted, or ratified any such laws or Amendments that would protect U.S. citizens in the 21st-century! Nor could they have possibly done the same with pilot licenses, driving licenses, etc. 😉

        Great question scott S! Thanks again for bringing that excellent point up.


  2. Why is it hard to believe that guns were so easy to obtain? They still are – maybe easier…that’s the problem.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. After the latest shooting in San Bernardino my son and I spent the evening searching the internet for “Free gun with purchase” ads. Crazy as it seems, there are plenty of them, from cars to diamond rings. American’s obsession with guns should have died out with the wild west.


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  5. Scott Miller

    Yet, mass shootings were not a problem, back when you could mail order firearms. Homicides increased through the 1960s, peaking in the 90s, and now, with more people than ever owning guns, homicides are half of what they were 25 years ago. With all the licensing and requirements to get a driver license, we still have more auto deaths than gun deaths. Far more kids will drown accidentally than will be killed in firearms accidents. Really a shame how people, mostly urbanites, are scared of an inanimate object. If only urban and suburban drivers were as safe as gun owners.


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