Christmas Rapping

vintage illustration family singing around the Xmas tree

Christmas Caroling at Home. Vintage Illustration 1947

On overload from some of the schmaltzy Christmas songs that seem to permeate every shopping venue, I thought I might switch it up and deck the halls with a mix of holiday hip hop. Returning home I went through my massive collection of pop culture.

Filed under “vintage Christmas rapping” I expected to see some old school classics like Run D.M.C’s 1987 “Christmas in Hollis.”


Vintage Xmas article 1946 vintage illustrations

Vintage Good Housekeeping article by Kay Riley, illustrations Lauren Cook. December 1946

Instead of some funked up holiday tunes, Christmas rapping took on decidedly different meaning in mid-century America as evidenced by this article that appeared in Good Housekeeping, December 1946. Instead of chillin’ with Santa I got bunch of Xmas etiquette do’s and don’ts.

Talk about a hip hop mashup.



  1. Great vintage images. Really like your blog and visit it frequently.


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