Partying on New Years Eve

Vintage illustration New Years Eve Revelers 1940s

Retro New Years Eve partying advice for teens. January 1949 Good Housekeeping

Wishing all a gay and lighthearted new year!



  1. Thanks Sally for a tremendous year of fascinating blogs! Thom.

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  2. Jennifer Merk

    I just found your blog last night and I couldn’t stop reading – I thoroughly enjoyed the articles and the terrific graphics. I usually just noodle around with my iPad. I’ve struck gold! I remember some ads from the original sources, despite my relative youth. Thanks so much for all your work, and happy new year to you!


    • I am so glad you found the site, and welcome! I hope you will continue to enjoy the new posts in the coming year, and are happily pursuing some of the posts of past. Happy New Year to you as well!


  3. And you too. I look forward to the great things you will bring in 2016. Before I go, I must tell you about a website I’ve been a fan of for quite some time.
    It is dedicated to the Edwardian era the way you have been to mid-twentieth-century America.


  4. Happy New Year! 🙂


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