Calling Donald Drumpf

Vintage comic Businessman

Truth is Stranger Than Comic Fiction Department. Vintage comic “Gasp”1967 Story: The Devil’s Businessman

A ruthless businessman with gangster tactics rising to national leadership – a comical idea in 1967…  with Donald Trump leading in the polls in 2016, not so much.



  1. Where do you find this stuff? Hilarious!

    Angie @


    • I am an avid collector of all sorts of pop culture going back 70 years. This particular comic was from a collection of underground comic books that had belonged to my once upon a time hippie husband, long before i met him.

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  2. The collection may have been primarily undergrounds but that particular comic (Gasp # 1, March 1967) isn’t an underground; it’s a newsstand comic, like the ones published by DC and Marvel.

    The publisher, ACG (American Comics Group) had been publishing comics about the supernatural since the late 1940s. In the mid-1960s they began putting superheroes into their comics as the lead features in the hopes of increasing circulation the way Marvel had a few years earlier. Their heroes, alas, were nowhere near as good or as popular as the Marvel characters, and the superhero leads apparently did not attract many new readers, while losing old readers who preferred their supernatural stories, so in 1967 they returned to stories of horror and suspense with the new Gasp comic.

    Here’s a link to an entry about the comic, including a picture of the cover:

    As you can see, it was a regular 12-cent newsstand comic. (Undergrounds were at least twice as expensive. For instance, the first issue of Zap, which came out in 1967, was 25 cents.


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