Happy National Donut Day

Vintagce ad Crisco children eating doughnuts

Happy National Doughnut Day

Doughnuts to dollars, this is a favorite day of celebration for many.

From coast to coast, thousands are lining up outside their local Dunkin Donuts and Krispy Kremes for a free doughnut.

Donuts or Doughnuts, glazed or  powdered sugar, Americans are nuts about these circular doughy treats larded with nostalgia and sprinkled with goodness.

Donuts are a fad that haven’t faded

The first Friday in June is designated National Doughnut Day  and was first celebrated in 1938. Organized by the Salvation Army in Chicago, it was to raise funds during the Depression in remembrance of the women who served donuts to the doughboys on the front lines in WWI.

A Nutritious Treat

More importantly  who knew these deep fried goodies were a healthy treat…good and good for you?

That is, according to Crisco  who boasted that  doughnuts were as digestible as they were delicious… if they were prepared with their product.

Vintagce ad Crisco children eatng doughnuts

Vintage ad Crisco 1938 .Handy recipe for Dandy Mincemeat Doughnuts

This 1938 ad explains to the reader  the importance of fat in a growing tykes life.

Don’t say “No” when your youngsters beg for grown up foods. Don’t dismiss their craving for pastries and fried foods with “they’re not good for you.”

Remember children spend their energy much more recklessly than you do. Winter demands that little bodies be “well stocked” with foods that contain extra energy in other words with foods containing fats.

That’s why foods containing fats should be on the diet of growing children- if these foods are digestible. Your doctor will tell you, too, that light tender pastry such as Crisco makes is better for you than the heavy greasy kind.”

Yes, your small fry will love em’; it’s never too early to start building up their cholesterol count.



  1. I doughnut believe there’s a holiday for this! Okay, the doughnut is worthy of celebration.

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  2. “Mom says they’re digestible.” Boy, that doesn’t sound like much of an endorsement! (But judging by the Crisco ad, I guess that’s what they were hanging their hat on. It certainly sounds a little odd now though.)

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  3. Susan

    Not just fats — trans fats! However, to be fair, my grandmother, who was 70 in 1950, always used Crisco in her excellent piecrusts — rolled with a glass rolling pin that she filled with ice water for a flakier crust.

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