Muhammad Ali RIP Champ

Muhammad Ali Esquire

Esquire magazine 1968 Art Director George Lois

R.I.P. Muhammad Ali – we lost a legend, a champion and an inspiration.

George Lois’s powerful Esquire cover in April 1968 of the great Muhammad Ali posing as the martyr Saint Sebastian was one of the most iconic images of the decade, dramatizing the boxing greats persecution of his beliefs concerning Vietnam, race and religion.

One of the greatest magazine covers ever….of one of the greatest.



  1. I remember it being so controversial when Cassius Clay changed his name to Muhammad Ali. Ironic that we are still so dominated by the fear and uncertainty of a person’s name.

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  2. Christy

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  3. He was Someone Special. I remember listening to the first and second Sonny Liston-Cassius Clay fight. I remember the back and forths with Howard Cosell. I loved his in-your-face brashness. I remember his poetry and his greatness both as a boxer and as a human being. His like we will not see again..

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