Dangerous Donald: A Clear and Present Danger?

JFK Wanted For Treason flyer 1963

Who’s Committing Treason?

In November 1963 a few short days before President John Kennedy visited Dallas where he would be tragically assassinated, thousands of handbills like these were distributed by supporters of the right-wing group the John Birch Society, a conservative reactionary group who were fiercely anti communist, and were for limited government.

The flyers riddled with  total disregard for accuracy, truth, or coherence,  accuse JFK of many wrongdoings from being “lax” on Communism, telling “fantastic LIES to the American people”  to claims of his “betraying the constitution.”

In the 1960’s John Birchers, skilled at exploiting fears, and spreading misinformation under the guise of patriotism, thought the American way of life was under siege. They feared the country was turning into something foreign and frankly Un-American. Their constitutional rights they were convinced, were under siege.

Update the talking points and they sound eerily familiar today.

Dangerous Donald is at it Again

Especially in light of Dangerous Donald Trump’s latest unhinged comment.

Claiming that Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the second amendment, he suggested to a group of voters that “Second Amendment  people”  had a way to stop Hillary appointing anti gun Supreme Court judges if she became president; a not so subtle reference to gun violence.

These comments today are not from the mouths of a fringe group but from a Republican nominee for the highest office in the land. His dangerous rhetoric intended or not, is a dog whistle heard loud and clear to some of his more extreme supporters.

This only adds fuel to the already incendiary chanting  directed at Clinton to “lock her up,” “hang the bitch”and calling for her to be “tried for treason, murder and crimes against the U.S. Constitution.”

Today’s Danger

The 5,000  flyers distributed by Birchers connected to Texas-son retired Major general Edwin Walker a prominent Dallas Bircher were distributed only in Dallas which was at the time the regional capital of the far right.

The big difference between the 1960’s paranoia and today,  is we have 24/7 Fox News, the internet, and Twitter so that this kind of irresponsible talk can be magnified and instantly transmitted to be played over and over again.

And it only takes one mad man to act.

What more do we need to hear to see that Mr. Trump presents a clear and present danger to the U.S.?



  1. Pierre Lagacé

    As always…

    Preserving the past for a better future

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Lock him up for God sake before it’s to late.

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  3. It seems he can’t go a day without saying something outrageous and irresponsible. On the heels of his incendiary second amendment comment , he now is claiming that Obama is the founder of ISIS. And Clinton is a co founder. My head is spinning so fast I can’t catch my breath. If he keeps at this pace, the best place for him would be to lock him up….either jail or a mental hospital.

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  4. Pierre Lagacé

    Obama is the founder of ISIS. And Clinton is a co founder…!!!

    Since my father had the same mental disorder I can see through him easily.
    Why can’t psychologists see through him and denounce him? Why do we as bloggers have to alert the world about this menace? Is this just a joke he is playing on us?


    • There has in the past week been much serious discussion about the mental health of Trump and just today filmmaker Michael Moore published a letter to Ivanka Trump pleading for her for an intervention because of her fathers unstable mental condition

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  5. Pierre Lagacé

    This article here is most interesting…

    View at Medium.com


  6. For a very long time, some of us thought the pro-fascist John Birch society had disappeared into the distance like a bad nightmare. Then we started seeing the New John Birchers Sean Hannity, Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh pop up on radio. They started coming out of the woodwork as soon as Barack Obama was elected president. They had a new name of the Tea Party and a new face in Donald Trump, Birther-in-Chief. The only thing we haven’t heard that the Birchers used to push is that the United Nations is trying to take over the United States. But just give them time and they will be blaming the Rockefellers and the Illuminati and the Jews for all our troubles. God help us all. Like someone once said, you always have to be on your toes if you want to keep democracy alive.

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