Art Show- Embedded Messages, Debating the Dream: Truth, Justice and the American Way


The Departments For Art, Creative Writing & Sociology and the Johnston Center for Integrative Studies Present:

Embedded Messages, Debating the Dream: Truth, Justice & the American Way

University Art Gallery University of Redlands,CA

October 18 –November 12, 2016

Reception: Wednesday October 19, 4:30-6:30pm

Embedded Messages, Debating the Dream:Truth, Justice and the American Way

Embedded Messages, Debating the Dream:Truth, Justice and the American Way opens at University Art Gallery, University of Redlands, CA, October 18-November 12, 2016

Has  the American Dream faded away like a once cherished Kodak snapshot?

Is truth, justice and the American Way a disappearing part of our national lexicon?

Is American Exceptionalism riddled with a lot of exception?

As these once cherished beliefs vaporize before our eyes, 7 art activists committed to influencing, changing and exposing issues that affect America, couldn’t look away. Examining social and political issues driving change in America and impacting the 2016 election, the works couldn’t be more timely and  crucial.

I am proud to be part of this important exhibit at the University  of Redlands, California.


Ambassador of Peace: We Are Friends” collage by Sally Edelstein. Collage composed of appropriated vintage images

The easy on the eyes mythology of the American Dream belie America’s past injustices, that keep us in a troubling state of denial in the present unless we actively confront the barriers of racism, sexism, income inequality and injustice that continue to impede full participation in the American Dream. At the same time American exceptionalism continues to be sold to the public with can do optimism, as we see still see ourselves as the model for the world.

The exhibition featuring artist Sally Edelstein, Karen Gutfreund, Penny Mateer, Sinan Revell, Debra Thompson, Linda Vallejo and Margi Weir is particularly timely in this election year.With polarized political parties and the absurdity of the news media focusing on sound bites with biased editorials rather than real news, this collection of art addressing social justice, stimulate dialog on truth, justice and the American Way.

Unified by topic with “embedded messages” running throughout, this exhibition addresses racism sexism classism gender identity, immigration, poverty, the environment , violence and the ongoing wars. All is not as it appears on the surface inviting the viewer to delve in closer to examine and discuss the inherent meanings.

Reflecting their diverse backgrounds and distinctive approach to their mediums, the individual messages are delivered with irony, humor compassion, defiance, and strength and when experienced together invite conversations that will engage a wide range of audience.

Join the discussion- be informed and be an agent of change.

sally-edelstein-collage- apropriated images s

“Bedtime Stories: Sweet Dreams” Collage by Sally Edelstein . Collage composed of vintage appropriated images


Gallery Talk  October 19, 2016 5:15pm

Featuring prominent art collector critic and Emmy winning journalist Charles Krause, a veteran foreign correspondent for The Washington Post, CBS News and The MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour (PBS). Charles Krause/Reporting Fine Art is committed to socially engaged art, which Mr. Krause prefers to call The Art of Social and Political Change.

Link to online catalog:

University Art  Gallery at the University of Redlands. 1200 E Colton Ave, Redlands, CA 92373.

Gallery hours: 1-5 pm Tuesday-Friday, 2-5 pm Saturdays and Sundays, Gallery is closed on Mondays.

Opening Reception: October 19, Peppers Art Gallery, 4:30-6:30 pm, Gallery Talk by the exhibiting artists at 5:15 pm

Exhibition Dates: October 18 – November 12, 2016





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