Grading the Donald


Trump Time out

Since Donald Trumps behavior more often than not most closely resembles a child’s, it makes sense to grade him based on an child’s evaluation report card.

How would you rate Donald on the debate?.

Lying, bullying and fear mongering as he menacingly circled, sulked, stalked and seethed, Donald Trump’s character  was in full form at the latest debate.

After a weekend of alienating dozens of Republicans  as he childishly spouted contempt instead of contrition  over the crude, leering sex tape, followed by an evening of  not only threatening to throw his opponent in jail, but totally   brushed off  his loyal running mate.

Now Paul Ryan refuses to defend Trump.

The ability to cooperate with others and work with Congress seems an important part of being the President.

On the face of it, it sure doesn’t look like Trump works well with others.

Working Well With Others?



Vintage School book Evaluation:Working Well With Others. From Social Studies For Children In a Democracy  by John Michaelis copyright 1950, 1963

As any 2nd grader knows, a student is often judged “on how well you work with others.” As an “unshackled”  Trump trashes and spouts off angrily at Paul Ryan, John McCain and other GOP leaders who are distancing themselves from Trump who is behaving more like a petulant child than a presidential candidate, there is no question he would get a failing grade on that basic quality.

Since his behavior more often than not most closely resembles a child’s,  it makes sense to grade  him based on an child’s evaluation report card.

Using a student evaluation checklist straight from a 1950’s book entitled Social Studies For Children in a Democracy, this guidebook for teaching civics seemed appropriate.

Though the evaluation is geared for the student to rate himself as a way to learn about his own behavior, we already know how Donnie would rate himself .

So instead you be the judge- Just how well does Donald Trump work well with others?

Unlike the debates, there is no marking on the curve.

A rating of 1-4 angry pussy’s can be used.









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  1. Pierre Lagacé

    His grade…


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    • Pierre Lagacé

      As a retired teacher…


      • Pierre Lagacé

        I have watched only a few minutes…
        At one time DT was behind Hillary as she was addressing the audience.
        I really thought for a moment he would lose his temper and that he was going to push her.

        This is what kept me watching for a few more minutes. I had seen enough.

        I am glad high profile Republicans are now backing off from backing him, and are learning something about where their party is heading. Likewise for the Democrats who also have to learn that there are 40% of angry desperate people willing to vote for anybody but Hillary…

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  2. His stalking behavior, along with pacing around like a caged animal was very menacing

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    Glad I wasn’t the only one perceiving this…

    I really was thinking of a WWF wrestling confrontation where the “good guy” is addressing the crowd while the “bad guy” is just waiting behind to…

    If I can see this why Trump’s top political supporters can’t see this. That guy is mad.

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  4. Pierre Lagacé

    The bottom line is that the media is happy making a lot of money covering all this.


  5. Pierre Lagacé

    Every day there is something new to write about DT… It’s like those serial movies before the feature film…

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  6. Pierre Lagacé

    Serial movies…
    One day you should write about this.

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  7. I checked out the elements that determine a sociopath. Donald Trump fits them to a tee.

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  8. When it comes to the Donald, I think this song applies:

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