Wear All White To Vote

Vintage Ad Summer white shoes 1940s

When this ad appeared in 1943 women weren’t allowed to own credit cards, serve on juries or open bank accounts. Now show your vitality that I’m With Her and wear those white pumps to the polls to vote for the first female POTUS.

Thanks to climate change the unseasonably  warm fall on the east coast has discouraged me from putting away my summer whites.Now breaking a long-standing taboo of never wearing white after Labor Day, I will be dressing in head to toe white tomorrow to proudly cast my vote for the first female candidate for president of the United States.

Like other Hillary supporters I will be rocking white to vote on election day as an homage to both Hillary Clinton and the brave  women suffragettes who fought so hard for the right for women to vote.


Hillary’s all white attire is likely a reference to the gold, purple and white clothing worn by woman suffragette movement whose uniform was white. Vintage program booklet 1913

It has been noted this campaign cycle that Hillary has often worn all white on many occasions ( including her nomination acceptance speech). It is likely a reference to the white clothing favored by the woman suffragette movement.

Already female Clinton Supporters have been spotted in white ensembles at early voting polls and started a social media movement #WeWearWhiteToVote encouraging other women Clinton supporters to do the same.

In solidarity with American suffragettes who adopted the color as one of their signatures and fought for what has now finally come to fruition – the first woman as a major party’s candidate for president on the ballot, I am happy to ditch social convention, don white and show “I’m With Her!”


I’ve got my white pantsuit on and I’m ready to Vote. #I’mWithHer


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  1. My Friday blogpost featured Jeannette Rankin, suffragette, pacifist and the first woman Congresswoman, as a way to celebrate Hillary’s election as well to make plain my feelings about Trump.


  2. I will have to check it out


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