Kellogg’s vs Breitbart The Choice is Yours

tony-tiger-pepe the frog

After Tony the Tiger took on Pepe the Frog, Breitbart the populist home for the alt right has declared all out war on Kellogg’s.

Once Kellogg’s pulled its advertising  from that popular  platform for white nationalists, deciding the site was not in alignment with its company’s values, Breitbart felt bullied and fought back. Arguing that Kellogg’s was turning its back on “family values,” they started a  #DumpKellogg’s campaign.

Breitbart proudly calling itself the number one site for “pro family content, stated emphatically that Kellogg’s “serves up bigotry at your breakfast table.”

And there was no sugar-coating this – anyone continuing to enjoy a bowl of Frosted Flakes and not boycott the products  were clearly against traditional family values.

Family values? Sure if racism, anti-immigration, anti antisemitism is part of your family tradition.

The Choice is Yours


Vintage Kellogg’s Variety Pack cereal 1959

The only ones serving up a heaping helping  of bigotry and intolerance is Breitbart itself with its racist rhetoric and incendiary articles.

But they didn’t stop at the claim that Kellogg’s was being anti family,  the company was downright un-American too.

Breitbart blustered: “Kellogg’s decision to blacklist one of the largest conservative media outlets in America is economic censorship of mainstream conservative political discourse. That is as un-American as it gets.”

Pro Choice

vintage kelloggs cereal Variety ad

Is this same all American cereal that has been keeping family breakfasts happy for eons

What is more American than freedom of choice? Kellogg’s went  head to head against monotony and uniformity  at the breakfast table and won.

kellogs-variety pack cartoon ad

Vintage ad Kellogg’s variety Pack Brings harmony to the family

All one need to do is look at Kellogg’s 70 years of promoting diversity and harmony at the family table with their famous Variety Pack, a clever packaging of multiple choices for everyone.

Kelloggs Cereal ad vintage girl and boxes

Vintage Kellogg’s Cereal ad 1955. Kellogg’s famous variety pack made for fun breakfast eating and appealed to different tastes for different folks offering choice and diversification at the breakfast table.


Besides which, Kellogg’s is already battle tested, when they went to ear against another group of white nationalists in WWII.

Variety Helps Victory


Vintage ad 1943 WWII

Kellogg’s Variety packs cleverly containing small individual boxes of their popular cereals made their first appearance en 1941.  it wasn’t long before they were part of patriotic wartime meal planning.

Uncle Sam wanted everyone  on the home front to be in tip-top shape for all the extra burden of war work.

For the first time he devised  a nutritional guide promoting the Basic 7 food groups to maintain nutritional standards especially under the burdens of rationing and food shortages.  The government encouraged vitamin and mineral enrichment of food to improve out health.

wwii Snap Krackle Pop Rice Krispies

Snap, Krackle and Pop fight WWII Vintage Rice Krispies ad 1943

Like other food companies Kellogg’s took heed. Cereals like Rice Krispies were restored to the whole grain nutritive values of brown rice. Vitamins like niacin and iron were added to other cereals too  so children could return to school the “Victory Way.”

Because Mothers were soon enlisted in the safekeeping of their family’s health,  favoring any foods that saved time work and fuel, all scarce commodities in wartime.

Kellogg’s Variety pack fit the bill.

Vintage ad WWII 1943 Kellogg's Variety Cereals

Vintage ad WWII 1943 Kellogg’s Variety Cereals. Variety packs were soon being touted as the answer to many meal time dilemmas saving the all important time work and fuel that were scare in wartime.

Cereals save time-work and fuel – They’re all ready to eat!No cooking or preparing is required, no messy pans skillets or stove to clean up- even the dishes are easier to wash! And you know how those things count these busy war-time days!

Save Space cuts waste- Individual size packages in handy tray carton gives you a man-sized meal in a jiffy. No half eaten packages…and you’re assured of s new package freshness every time! Variety tempts youngsters!

With food shortages and rationing, cereals offered another help to the harried housewife:

Stretches meat – make milk go farther. In addition to serving cereals as meatless meals use them to extend meat in meat loves hamburgers croquettes etc. Cereals help stretch precious milk too…you use less than a glassful per serving.

Kudos to Kellogg’s for being on the right side of history.







  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Kudos indeed. Make Kellog’s great again!

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Chapter 6 might interest you.

    Available on Netflix.

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  3. timfearnside

    This makes me want to eat Corn Flakes, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner . . .

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  4. Will 2016 go down as the Year of the Bully?

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