Scouts Honor?

vintage illustration Boy Scout scout laws

Donald Trump would do nothing but stumble when it come to climbing the steep steps of the “Scouts Law.”

In fact he wouldn’t even make it up the first step.

If the Scout’s Law requiring  a member to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, and cheerful, is the foundation in which the scout movement is built then it is clear the purpose of the Boy Scouts is to make sure boys never grow up to be like Donald Trump.

President Trump’s recent “speech” at the Scout’s Jamboree in front of thousands of 11-18 year old scouts was a political rally pure and simple, at a purely non-partisan event.

A rambling amalgam of self-aggrandizement,  the speech was filled with divisiveness and at times hateful rhetoric. It was a far cry from a scouts oath to being mentally awake and morally straight.

Does a friendly, courteous  scout get thousands to boo our first African-American President?

How about Trump characterizing  “Obamacare as a horrible thing…that’s really hurting us” and threatening “to fire Health and Human Services Secretary if he didn’t succeed on repealing it.”  How does that fit in with the scouts pledge “To Help Other People At All Times…”  Did he mention the millions of Americans he would not be helping by cutting healthcare.

How about aggrandizing wealth, as he recounted to the young scouts his glory days at NYC cocktail parties hob nobbing with the cities “hottest” people?


Vintage Illustration Boy Scout Handbook 1962

American Presidents have long been role models for Boy Scouts. Vintage Illustration Boy Scout Handbook 1962

President’s have been speaking to Boy Scout Jamborees for nearly a century promoting good fellowship, encouraging boys to be good citizens, to serve others and strive for  bonds of common purpose and common ideals.

Becoming good citizens has always been key to good scouting and Presidents have long been role models for Boy Scouts in molding the kind of man a scout should aspire to. Think of Honest Abe or “I Cannot Tell a Lie” George Washington.

What Kind Of Man Do I Admire?

What sort of man should a scout admire?

Would our current President  pass the test offered in this Boy Scout Handbook from 1962, the very time period Trump seems to want to return to, the time when America was so great?

Vintage Illustration Boy Scout Handbook 1962

“What kind of man do you want to be,” asks the scouting guide? “There is a simple way to find the answer – by first answering another question: ‘What kind of man do I most admire?’

“Sit down quietly and alone with a pencil and a piece of paper.”

“Then ask yourself: ‘Which men from America’s past and present do I look up to?’ Put their names down. “Why do I admire them? What do I like about them?’  Write down the whys and the whats.”

Vintage Illustration Boy Scout Handbook 1962

American’s Creed. Vintage Illustration Boy Scout Handbook 1962

“Your list may include Americans like Washington because of his loyalty to his country…Lincoln for his simplicity and steadfastness…Theodore Roosevelt for his enthusiasm and fighting spirit…Edison for his energy and perseverance…heroes from our wars for their daring and self sacrifice…athletes for their endurance and sportsmanship…men of science and arts for their accomplishment in adding to human knowledge and understanding.

You have made your list. There before you in black and white are the qualities you admire most in others, the things that make you like them.

Study these things closely.

See how they add up until they cover each part of the scout oath.

They are bound to come out that way because in the Scout Oath you have the qualities that make men fine and great.

“In all these thing by living up to the ideals of Scouting you become the man you want to be.”

Vintage Illustration Boy Scout Handbook 1962

Vintage Illustration Boy Scout Handbook 1962

Is Donald Trump the kind of man you want your son to aspire to be?

Study his behavior  closely.

See how they add up until they cover each part of the scout oath.

I think they come up quite short.

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  1. I was but a Cub in 1962. At age 10, scouting’s exuberant patriotism struck me as a bit heavy-handed. My den and the entire pack was a sad reflection of a segregated community and it troubled me that my best friend, Leroy Stokes, was excluded. But Scouting’s challenge to become a responsible adult citizen still rang true. Every pin and badge reflected an ideal based on not only self-sufficiency, but harmony, respect and decency as well. It was all positive and it was a launching pad for many who changed America for the better. Then as now, arrogant and self-obsessed boys just did’t get it ….

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  2. There are many tests that tRump would fail and fail miserably. However, there is one that he would most certainly pass with flying colors…

    A full psych evaluation with numerous DSM-5 diagnoses. At least the doctor and supporting staff would be VERY well paid. 🙂

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  3. Such an embarrassment to our country…


  4. And may I add that Trump began his campaign by insulting John McCain, accusing him for cowardice because his plane was shot down and he spent five years as a Prisoner of War. And he was never in the military either. So what does he know about service?


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