Just How Intelligent is Donald Trump?

Donald Dunce

Despite Donald Trump’s recent bloviating that: “I went to an Ivy League college. I did very well. I’m an intelligent person,”  his professor at that Ivy League school begs to differ with the Donald.



  1. The one thing Sally that I’m counting on, or hoping/anticipating what will happen in the coming months with this poor excuse of human decency is he creates his own minefields and doesn’t have the intelligence to remember or realize where or HOW he placed or buried all his mines. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM again! Pretty soon no more tRumsky. 😉

    Have you caught billionaire Tom Steyer’s campaign? If not, here’s his video with the website included to get this dangerous moron out of office…

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  2. Lynn

    Shared all the above.

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  3. And he knows lots of words, really good words. LOL!

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