Just Say No

Are we turning the youth of America into hard-core addicts?(R) “Assassin of Youth” was a 1937 propaganda film showing the ill effects of marijuana. The title was “borrowed from an article written by Harry Anslinger the head of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics who succeeded in criminalizing marijuana. “Assassins of Youth” along with the classic “Reefer Madness” convinced the public that dope turned kids into crazed murderers.

Just Say No

Are we turning the youth of America into hard-core addicts?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions channeling Nancy Reagan and Reefer Madness said Americans should “just say no” to drugs warning that much addiction starts with Marijuana. One hit of a doobie  will  lead innocent youth of American down that dark ugly path to addiction. As the 1937 movie “Assassin of Youth” warned : “A Puff -A Party -A Tragedy!”

Assassin of Youth….Drugs or Oreos?

But there lurks a more dangerous substance far more addicting and life habit-forming.

Who could forget a study from a few years back where researchers at Connecticut College warned that Oreo cookies were  as addictive as cocaine- to lab rats.

A warning to parents: Keep the cookies away from the kids.

Concerned watchdogs have long kept an eye on substances corrupting the youth of America. Now we learned that the pull of that childhood cookie  is as powerful as a line of cocaine. Now we know why the kid in the  1952 ad says “I wish I had a million Oreos!”

And if the little tyke grows up to smoke marijuana, those Oreos could come in mighty handy.

illustration child eating oreos

Clearly, the poor little fellow is in the throes of addiction.
Vintage Oreos advertisement 1950

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  1. Today, more than ever, I am blown away by just how many “Experts” we have out in society!!! I mean, there must be millions of Addictionologists, Climatologists, Meteorologists, lawyers, politicians, etc, etc, et al. And many of them appear to be this 1950s, 60s, 70s “old guard” that won’t go away! 😵


  2. Lynn

    Grew up in the 50s. Never liked Oreos.


  3. Maysblog99

    Drugs are bad, but yeah I never would’ve guessed Oreos were as addictive as cocaine since Oreos are pretty nasty imo.


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