Election Day 2016 A Year Later

Photo of Sally Edelstein in white pantsuit and anxious woman

Election Day Nov 2016. From elation to anxiety in 24 hours

What a difference a year makes…

It was election year 2016. The optimism was palpable.  Elated and bursting with pride, I donned my white pantsuit to proudly show “I’m With Her” and confidently cast my vote for Hillary for President.

In the span of 24 hours my soaring spirits plummeted, leaving me in a state of numbness and despair that has not dissipated in a year’s time. My worst fears about a Trump Presidency have come to full fruition.

Now it’s been a year of cringe worthy comments, served up with a daily dose of Trump being dismissive  of separation of powers, civil liberties and civil rights. You know, those things that Make America Great.

Make your vote count today. Because it really does count.




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