Roy Moore Unfit For Public Office

Roy Moore anti gay, anti semetic cartoons and old south illustration

Roy Moore is not only an alleged child molester, he is a homophobe, anti-Semite, and seems to long for the idyllic ante bellum days of slavery.Reject bigotry, sexism and intolerance.

This moral misfit is just plain unfit to be a United States Senator!

Without even mentioning the horror of his pedophilia allegations, Roy Moore has always been completely and uniquely unfit for public office.

Let’s not forget his vile comments about slavery, or Gays or Jews or Muslims. Removed twice from Alabama’s Supreme Court for failure to follow judicial orders should makes his eligibility to become a United States senator unthinkable.

That he is enthusiastically endorsed by the President of the United State is shameful for our country.

We are better than this.



  1. Well, I’ll be danged if Alabama didn’t take the high road. Is this the beginning of a new trend? –Hopeful

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