Donalds Great Parade

Little Donnie sees a parade

What a big day for Little Donnie

He will have a parade, too.

He will have a children’s parade.


Donnie saw a parade.

Donnie wants big toys in his parade.

Big shiny toys.

Shine, Donnie shine


This is Donnie’s big parade.

What is Donnie in the parade?

Is Donnie a sailor?

Is Donnie a soldier?

No silly.

Donnie knows just how to dress for the big parade.

Donnie is a clown.

Silly, Donnie.



  1. As a veteran, I can verify that the majority of us hate marching in formation and the hoo ha of reviews. To march several miles through Washington, DC would be the worst, though I suppose people in tanks and other mobile vehicles would survive, if the street surfaces didn’t. WORST IDEA THAT FOOL’S HAD YET!!!

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  2. Military parades put on to impress are quite opposite to the American phrase “speak softly and carry a big stick”. I guess the updated version is speak loudly and toss a big insult.

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