Don’t Drink From the Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid Man and Ben Franklin

If the idea of Kool-Aid Man meeting Ben Franklin seems like we’ve entered an alternative history, bizarro world, take a look around now. We are living in a bizarro world right now.

This ludicrous depiction of America history in a 1983 Marvel comic book is no less fantastical or absurd as what is currently happening in Trump world.

The daily delusional rantings of a moron commander-in-chief seem as bizarre and implausible as the fact  that he is actually the President of the United States.

Anyone who thinks differently has drunk from the  Kool-Aid.



  1. bernesemtdog

    I have friends who have sadly drunk the Kool-Aid, so much so, that I have had to keep my distance. And mind you, I live in Mass… we are generally pretty liberal in these here parts, except for the small % of MAGAts who roam among us, to my surprise and dismay.

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  2. I live in liberal NY, and surprisingly both my next neighbors are Trump supporters. Suffice to say I have very little to do with them

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  3. bernesemtdog

    I feel your pain. My best friend is a Trump voter, supporter… she and I in the midst of a strained friendship. My neighbor is also a Trump supporter, like you, I have every little to do with them.

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  4. bernesemtdog

    The last time I had dinner with my best friend, she said she has “never felt safer under Trump”. No word of a lie, a week later the Tree of Life members were gunned down by a psychopath. I sent her a text: “Still feel safe? Because I don’t!” With a red emoji. That’s when I stopped talking to her. I just can’t. She’s clueless. Then again, I was married to a Jewish man for ~10 years. I learned so much about the history and of course the Holocaust. It sickens me to think people were murdered simply because of their religion.

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  5. Not that I need to prove my point but in today’s lunacy- Trump uttered this nugget before he got on Marine One: ‘Illegals crossing our border “has been going on for thousands of years.”

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  6. bernesemtdog

    Dear G-d. Did he really say that????!!!!


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