The Deplorable Stain of the Detention Camps

Migrant children in Detention Centers 2019

There is a stench in America; a foul stain so deep on our country no amount of soap can wash it away.

The noxious stink emanating from our southern border is less from the unsanitary camps holding these poor abused migrant children, than from the rotting corrosion of our core values.

They are decaying in plain sight in the hot sun.

Trump and his sordid administration has sullied and befouled what our great country once stood for, and this may be the most heinous of all.

The bright and shiny post war country left to us by the greatest generation is now deeply tarnished, the dark layers of filth so widespread it feels unrecognizable. Our country has more than lost its luster. We have allowed our moral compass to crumble as we permit the inhumanity to continue to be perpetrated upon innocent children at these camps on our soil.

Not Our Kids

“These are not our kids” claims Fox News host  Brian Kilmeade defending Trump’s draconian family separation policy.

Therefore, in that cruel logic  these children don’t need basic necessities like soap, or toothpaste, toothbrushes or clean diapers. Since they are not “our kids” they can linger in overcrowded cages in soiled clothing, sleep on hard floors, be subjected to subpar conditions worse than American jails.

After all, the congenial host continued “….  It’s not like Trump was doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas.”

You know, “real people.”

And because they are not  “Our kids” donations of soap, diapers, and wipes from American citizens who wanted to help the hundreds of children in Texas shelters, are cruely turned away.

In our wealthy, consumer culture awash with unlimted choices of soap , how is it possible that we can we deny any child  a simple bar of soap?

This is not my America.

There was a time not so long ago when America was guided by a post war spirit of generosity. The America that took shape in the shadow of WWII  was an America which led the forces against evil.

And starvation. And injustices against humanity .

Give Those Poor Kids in Europe a Break!

Post War Care Packages for European Children

After WWII American democracy provided the ideas and the moral basis on which a new world might be ordered.

At the end of  the  War in 1945 the world faced a huge humanitarian crisis.

While America escaped destruction virtually alone of all the countries, the old world was in ruins. The war left large swaths of destruction that crippled and led to massive food shortages in Europe and Asia. Thousands of children were without food, clothing and sanitation.

America did not shirk its responsibilities. It didn’t matter that these were not “our kids.” Nor that they were not on our shores.

Following the lead of our government, most  American felt there was something that they could contribute.

It was part of our tradition. Folks sent CARE packages, conserved food and contributed in any way they could.

In cooperation with the government, advertisers also offered ways for the average American to feel like they were doing their share.

vintage ad 1946 soap

Ironically exactly 70 years ago in the spring of 1949 during another humanitarian crises, an ad ran in Life Magazine asking for help in sending soap to needy children overseas.

CARE  had partnered with Swan soap in an effort to offer soap to millions in Europe. Wanting to ward off the dangers of disease and epidemics they acknowledged the vital importance of hygiene.

Next to food, one of the scarecest and most desperately needed things in Europe today is soap.” the copy read.

The health of babies and little children is endangered by lack of soap. As you know, cleanliness helps prevent disease. Nothing combats  like soap.

It was true 70 years ago. It is true today

Give those poor kids in Europe a break!

You can help! Here’s here’s how you can send them Swan Soap through CARE- at no cost to you

Lever Brothers will send Swan- 1 cake for every 2 wrappers to CARE the great non profit government approved organization which delivers CARE packages to the needy in Eurpe. CARE guarantees delivery.

Your cake of swan for needy kids costs only the tiney chore of sending in your Swan wrappers. You help millions overseas get  a better break!


Which Way Will These Twigs Incline?

Vintage ad 1946 National Dairy Products Corporation

A 1946 postwar advertisement from from the National  Dairy Association  dramatically points out the serious societal damage that occur if problems affecting these needy children are not addressed in the present. The very health of our society depended on not neglecting their needs.

Remember the old saying “As the twig is bent…”? It applies just as truly to the children of Europe and Asia as it does to those right here.

They can grow to strong good citizenship. Or warped in mind and body, embittered by constant hunger- listen to another Hitler a few years from now.

What you do in this critical hour will help decide their future.

Not only for yout consciences sake but because it is perhaps the best form of insurance against another war- won’t you back up in every possible way our promise to send food.

The irreprible damage being done today to these migrant  children on American soil and to our society will remain with us for decades to come if  nothing is done to right this wrong.

It is a stain that will be hard to remove.

Copyright (©) 2019 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved




  1. Thank you for this, Sally. Abusing children to make a political point is beyond evil.

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  2. Reblogged this on Rcooley123's Blog and commented:
    The article linked to here is certainly a better representation of the views held by far more people in this country than the compassion-free demagoguery spouted by President Trump and illustrated by the treatment of innocent children seeking to escape insufferable conditions in their homelands. It’s a shame that such treatment at the hands of our government at the behest of its alleged leader is allowed to shape the way in which the world beyond our shores views us. Enough is enough. Stop the senseless cruelty and help these people rather than continue their undeserved abuse.

    Thank you, Sally, for eloquently putting into words the outrage felt by so many of us the more we hear and see of the insanity being perpetrated in our names and with our tax dollars to further the aims of the Despot in Trump Towers as he rules for his temporary perch in the White House. More reason than ever to make sure he does not receive another term in office to wreak even more insane cruelty on the world’s most desperate and helpless people. – rjc

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  3. You did it again, Sally. Rather than adding another rant echoing those in social media and many other channels, you surprise and enlighten readers through the power of history and your unique and resourceful skill of reminding us How Great America Once Was. Thanks again.

    So many of our generation were admonished to “eat your peas and carrots” for, after all, “children are starving in Africa.”

    And we did. It was the right thing an American should do.

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    • Now more than ever it is important to be reminded of what this country once stood for and how it came about. Postwar America was a unique time in our history in establishing our place in the world.Trump seems hell-bent on destroying what we have built up over the past 75 years.
      And yes I grew up hearing “Children are starving in China” to motivate us to eat. And the fact was they really were.

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  4. A great post! Thanks!!!

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