Kurds Betrayed By Trump

On this somber day of Yom Kippur a day of reflection, it is against the backdrop of abandoning our allies. Today as I join along with other Jews  to attend Yizkor services to remember loved ones  lost, I am mourning the betrayal and loss of life of our Kurdish allies today, as bombs are dropping even as you read this.

On a day of deep personal introspection examining the moral quality of our values and actions, I am deeply ashamed that in our name our president and his party have abandoned a friend to whom we gave our word to help.

On this day of atonement, I feel shame. And despair.





  1. It was a given, though Trump apparently is unaware of the enmity Turks have for Kurds. A tragedy in the making, a new Turk-generated genocide, I fear….

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