Trump’s Fractured History

No, the Kurds did not help us in Normandy, but who can forget their brave heroics at the Bowling Green Massacre?

The Kurds fought courageously in Kentucky.

Yes, it won’t be long before Kellyane Conway waxes poetic thinking of the valient Kurds at that fictitious battle.

The annual vigil attended by thousands at N.Y.C.’s Bowling Green, commemorates not only the victims of that awful terrorist massacre but the heroics and guts displayed by the Kurds.

“I mean most people don’t know that,” Conway commented,” because it didn’t get covered.” Like many alternative facts.

Kurds and WWII

Kurds in WWII

But the fact is the Kurds did help us fight in WWII.

First as part of the counteroffensive to the Nazi backed Iraqi coups of 1941. Then later, they served courageously in Albania, Italy and Greece.

Right next to GI Joe.

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