Impeachment – No Trick


Despite what Trump just tweeted about “a great witch hunt,” the only witch hunt today is not coming from the halls of Congress but are the ones going door to door for Halloween.

Today the House has voted in taking a step to the trial of the President of the United States!

This vote to impeach is not a trick Donnie, but it is a treat for the country.



  1. Chris Chilson

    Not a single House Republican crossed the line. 😩

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Sorry to comment on this Sally…

    The more I read about the road to impeachment, the more I feel sorry for what’s coming next.


  3. Pierre Lagacé

    Happy Halloween anyway. Thanks for all you have been doing on Envisioning the American Dream even if what’s happening now is rapidly turning into a nightmare.


  4. Hopefully this is the beginning of a successful endeavor. We across your northern borders have our fingers crossed.

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    • Many are not that hopeful. The Republicans are sticking together. There are no cracks in the GOP armor. Despite the public support for the impeachment, no Republican voted for the impeachment inquiry resolution. It is highly doubtful any Republican senator will ultimately vote to impeach.
      We must vote him out

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  5. Many of the “base” support Trump out of a sense of loyalty. Sadly, that is completely delusional. No-one is on “Team Trump”; no-one has joined the “Trump Train.” Trump realizes that “loyalty” is a button to push in order to manipulate some folks. But he knows or feels nothing of loyalty; he has no concept of teamwork. He’s been doing Putin’s work ever since he began campaigning; viz., to isolate USA from allies; divide Americans against each other; weaken our federal government with special emphasis on weakening the intelligence, military, justice, and state departments. But that blind loyalty will never be repaid.


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