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Donald Trump has colored outside the lines of the Constitution for way too long. There is no other choice but to Impeach!



  1. His getting under your skin, come on woman! Take a deep breath, you have a sense of humor, just think about me in Spain with a non government yet for 5 years or so, the economy down the drain, unemployment in 20+%, a corrupt government “en funciones” which means that there are 20+ political parties, since non of them got a majority now they have to get with each other to gain points, so we got the socialist that got with the communist and they need another party and that one is ERC which is a party from a region of Spain that wants the independence of Spain. Quite ironic that a party that does not want to be part of Spain is going to be able to rule Spain….go figure how we are going to end up.
    You got a A-hole as a president, but his policies seem to work. 3.6% Unemployment, stock market higher than the stars, drawing down troops in those cool places that I myself had served with the Spanish Legion, he killed that savage from ISIS, I don’t see how all that bad it is. You might not like his personality but his policies are working. The stats are there.
    I´ll tell you a joke to get your mind off him. There was a Priest who wrote a poetry book, and nobody bought it…. Until you came around, so go and buy my freaking poetry book! That’s an order. You’ll have fun reading it. That was a weird-bad shameful promotion.


  2. The Marxists have been ripping apart our country for decades. Race wars are a favorite. Victimization of every faction from sea to shining sea. The Dialectic is working on you, darling. The media and the 2020 prez candidates continue to rip us apart. They have a bleak opinion of America. They want you to think America is so unfair to everyone. When the worst president in history, Obama, sent weapons to drug cartels – “Operation Fast and Furious” – you liberals looked the other way. You looked the other way when Obama sent our enemy, Iran, billions of dollars. Mexico, Obama, Obama’s state department hold overs are all communists.

    What the American Dream is not: if our country ever goes full-blown communist, you can look forward to being forced to house the homeless in YOUR home and/or backyard, literally. SEE “Dr. Zhivago.”

    Communism Creep: Inform yourself before it’s too late. Here in California, a refugee who fled communist Vietnam, was thrown out of the state senate. Her crime? She told the truth about the oppression of communism. Why? Because the senate loves former Democrat senator Tom Haden, a commie. Dems can’t have anyone criticize them – so they shut her up! Her name is Janet Nguyen.

    That’s called a “shakedown.” Socialist shakedown. Pay attention! Go visit – owned by a former propagandist artist from the USSR. He can teach you and with biting satire, a better diet than mainstream media will ever give you. SEE also his book.

    Do you know anything about Social Marxism? Read “The Devil’s Playground” by Michael Walsh. Read “Righteous Indignation” by Andrew Breitbart.

    The Democrats lie, lie, and lie again. SEE the treatment of Justice Kavanaugh!

    Yes, dear, it’s all about keeping abortion legal. Just ask Justice Clarence Thomas.

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  3. Correction: it’s not social marxism, it’s Cultural Marxism. Watch and learn – youtube video Breitbart explains it. Before it gets censored.


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