The Awful Truth

The Awful Truth 1937 Movie Poster and Donald Trump

“You can’t handle the truth!”

With his daily barrage of lies and distortions about the coronavirus pandemic, one might think that is just what Donald Trump would have us believe of the American public.  That we can’t  handle the truth

The truth is, it is Trump who can’t.

And it’s awful.

A common grifter in a place of power is a lethal combination.

The awful truth is that’s where we are folks. Because he comes by his lying honestly, he has no frame of reference for truth. He mangles the truth with the ease of a snake-oil salesman, and the black empty heart of a psychopath.

If Trump is, as he claims a wartime president then he is a war criminal with blood on his hands.

No. Mr. Trump did not create the virus. But his arrogance, pettiness, and propaganda along with gross mismanagement and manipulations will cause the death of hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens.

Trump is a disaster, as lethal as the virus and his dangerous lies spread as fast.

We crave leadership. We crave and need truth. They are as essential to our survival as a  COVID 19 vaccine.

Plain and simple his handling of this crisis is plain awful.

That is the awful truth.





  1. Pierre Lagacé

    He will not be the only one accountable Sally.


  2. I agree. No longer can I watch the Back To The Future sequel where a version of this creature rules the town and wrecks it, and then it gets better in the end. I wouldn’t believe it anymore.


  3. Called to account, he lies about uttering his documented-on-TV lies, challenging journalists’ professionalism. Then brags about his ratings. Who gets away with this? Who allows this insanity to remain unchecked? People are at their wit’s end. The pandemic is terrifying; the Compounder in Chief is making it more so.

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    • We are all bearing witness to a pathological liar. Lawrence O’ Donnell tweeted:

      “What kind of pathological liar lies about his lies to people who have video recordings of the lies he’s lying about and who actually read his previous lies to him word for word as he tries to lie about those lies?”


  4. Jimmy Cannon

    You nailed it on this one Sally! Hope all is well with you and yours.


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