Cautionary Thoughts About COVID

A Victim of the 1918 Flu epidemic

Like all of you, I am very worried about how and when to navigate moving into the larger world. I for one remain very cautious and vigilant am not quite ready to change any of my behaviors. As more and more cities open, it feels to me like it feels like its déjà vu all over again

As I often do to find answers I look to the past. I am reposting this picture of my great Uncle Henry who was a victim of the flu in 1918. The second wave.

When the flu first hit in March 1918, the first wave didn’t appear particularly deadly. Cases dropped off during the summer and most hoped that by August it had run its course.

It was only the calm before the storm.

From September through November 1918, the death rate skyrocketed. In the US alone 195,000 Americans died from the Spanish flu in just the month of October. Including that young vital man in the picture, my twenty-something Great Uncle Henry Posner.

Unlike a normal seasonal flu which mostly claimed victims among the very young and the very old, the second wave of the Spanish Flu exhibited a huge spike composed of healthy 25-35-year-olds in the prime of their lives, dying a horrid death of drowning in their own fluid-filled lungs.

Dr. Fauci is warning us, that “nightmare” pandemic isn’t close to over.

Please err on the side of caution my dear friends.

Remember folks, it ain’t over till it’s over.



  1. The protests taking over the news have made one-track mind Americans totally forget about Covid-19. I’ve rarely seen figures or anything the past couple of weeks, and while states are opening up more and more, I’m sure we’ll start seeing a drop-off in mask requirements and the like eventually. I’m gonna keep wearing mine, though, for the foreseeable future and onward til I feel like we’re all good.


  2. The media has responsibly underscored the devastating losses, again and again and again. How does someone watch/read and then leave home to circulate in crowds unmasked? We are in a dire environment. You’re right, Sally. History says the real shakeup is yet to come.

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  3. I’ve been listening to stories from friends and their shared tales of what they have observed in terms of lack of proper distancing and mask wearing is pretty alarming.


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