Game Over Mr Trump

It Pays to Be Ignorant Donald Trump

Our reality star President has lost touch with reality.

He is delusional with one mind-numbing false claim and exaggeration after another.

Donald Trump, according to him has done more for the Black community than any president, including Abraham  Lincoln ( who not too many people know was also a Republican.  Somehow it is highly doubtful that history will enshrine any Mar-a Lago musings the way they have The Gettysburg Address.

Every day my head explodes with some comment that comes out of him.

As if he were a contestant on the game show Can You Top This each day brings yet one more level of cruelty after another. Gassing peaceful protestors for a PR Stunt on Monday, taking away Trans rights and LGBTQ parental rights three days later. In between, he removed long-standing animal protection for endangered species, and a now weekly occurrence that falls under the radar, environment protections get rolled back to the past. This was just in one week

We are stuck in a bad episode of Survivor:USA, playing us while slowly eroding our strengths, and our credibility until we are kicked off the world stage.

In fact, life is just one big game show for this narcissistic  nimrod, though it is doubtful he could muster even one round of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

The $64,000 Question is can he be reelected. Can Biden beat Trump? Right now we are all contestants on Beat the Clock to get this idiot out of office.

But I’ve Got a Secret. Trump can still win. A professional grifter, he is crafty, amoral and his scorched earth tactics will know no bounds. Once again kids, Michael Moore is warning us not to underestimate Trump. For his followers, It Pays To Be Ignorant.

To Tell the Truth, I’m frightened. Really. Scared. To. Death.

We must vote him off the island or we will all be in Jeopardy.

Four more years of Trump and it’s game over for us.


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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Pun intented Sally…

    It’s not over this it’s over…see you later on November 3rd.

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    I have read that he might have had a stroke explaining what occurred during his speech at West Point… how he spoke, how he drank water, and how he left the podium down the ramp. It is clear to see that something is seriously wrong.


    • Sally Edelstein

      There has been speculation that he suffered a stroke which sent him to Walter Reed Hospital late last year which has never been explained.


  4. I think about Woodrow Wilson’s wife functioning as president for her stroke-enfeebled husband, and I cringe to think what safeguards are left to ignore in the Trump administration were this one, “the Donald”, to become worse. Those responsible for invoking the 25th amendment don’t seem capable of that much integrity or free will.

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    • Sadly, Melania is no Edith Wilson who basically took over for her husband when he has his stroke. The country was not informed of the severity of his condition. There has been talk for some time that Trump suffers from prefrontal temporal dementia. Without even speculating, he is clearly unfit and has been from day one. The silence from those who could do something to get rid of him is deafening.

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      • I’d hate to see the football-game style tackling and bum-rush to the oval office chair if Dump was incapacitated (to the point where another was required to take his place, not day-to-day incapacitated).

        Actually, wait–I’d LOVE to watch all these grasping sycophants beat each other to a pulp hoping for one more shot at power, a hidden camera Survivor-meets-Game of Thrones episode. Wonder what Dump would think realizing all their fawning and “help” was just to help get him out of the way. Or would he have the guts to face the fact that all his “friends” hate him?


      • Unfortunately, the Republicans seem happy to watch the country go down the toilet as long as they can pack the courts. I fear he will be with us for seven more months, even though we can see and experience Trump’s mental/physical decline in real time.


      • Why does he want to end the DACA. What has the DACA policy done to him


      • He’s a racist and America Firster. Also, it was a black President (whom he hates) to came up with it, and he has worked hard to wipe out Obama;’s legacy in any way he can.


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