RNC- The Greatest Show on Earth -Freaks and Geeks

NY Daily News Cover Aug 24 2020

The great showman Donald Trump may have thought the RNC was The Greatest Show on Earth but it actually had more in common with P.T. Barnum than he realized.

It was a freaking Freak Show.

PT Barnum's Freak Show

PT Barnum’s Freak Show

That great huckster P.T. Barnum specialized in displaying odd and intriguing attractions at his American Museum and his circus sideshows, drawing huge crowds to exploit abnormalities in humans billed as The Greatest Presentation of Living Human Curiosities.

In 1840 P.T. Barnum opened the American Museum on lower Broadway in NYC where for a dime amidst a treasure trove of exhibitions, the public could ooh and ahh at people considered oddities.

Barnums Freak Show

Barnum’s freak show featured dwarves, albinos, bearded ladies, 4 legged girls, Siamese Twins,  and all sorts of disabilities and anomalies who found fame in front of rapt crowds. Like Trump supporters who catapulted a charlatan into the White House four years ago, the crowds ate it up, proving,  “There’s a sucker born every minute.”

Given names like “The Human Skeleton,” The “What is it?,” “The Human Caterpillar,” and “The Wild Men of Borneo,” this cemented Barnum’s reputation as one of the great freak showmen.

The 4-Legged Girl Kimberley Guilfoyle

Freaks of Nature : (L) Myrtle Corbin The 4-Legged Girl Kimberley Guilfoyle

Well, stand aside,  Phineas, Donald, and the Republicans have their own freak show. Unleashed and in full display this group of pop-eyed human abnormalities were hopped up on drugs, popping Adderrall as though they were Altoids.

Trump’s circus had its own “Greatest Presentation of Living Human Curiosities:”

See the heavily botoxed women whose facial muscles never move.

Watch in astonishment as “The Screeching Wild Lady of Puerto Rico” whose malformed triple larynx magnifies her voice so it is heard continents away.

Gaze in disbelief at “The Two-Faced Woman” Nikky Hailey, the woman born without a soul.

Observe in wonder as “Desperate Daughter Tiffany” turns into her very own sister right before your eyes, miraculously imitating her body language, voice, and syntax, desperate for daddie’s attention.

Cojoined Twins Chang and Eng Barnums Pences

(L) Chang and Eng the conjoined twins born in Thailand made famous by Barnum. (R) Mike Pence and wife Karen made famous by TRump

Be amazed by the “Christian Conjoined Twins,” Mike and Mother Pence. Watch in wonderment as they navigate life and lunches joined at the hip.


The Human Skeleton and Mitch McConnell

(L) Isaac W Sprague “The Human Skeleton” diagnosed with progressive muscular atrophy weighing 43 pounds.

Barnum’s “Living Skeleton”  was no match for Mitch McConnell, “The Turtle Man” born without a spine. Watch as this spineless creature hides in his shell for weeks on end.

This is just a mere sampling of the human oddities seen at the RNC

Trump and Barnums Zip thre Pinhead

Barnum’s Zip the Pinhead billed “What is It? (L) who had a medical condition known as Microcephaly where the brain doesn’t develop properly, rendering them mentally challenged.

But the greatest attraction at the RNC  was Donald Trump himself. Viewers could gape in horror at the “Presidential Pinhead, the What is It?” born with an underdeveloped brain.

Much like Barnum’s “Zip the What is It Pinhead”  who the showman claimed “was the missing link of evolution between man and ape,”  the RNC’s “Presidential Pinhead” screeches and only speaks gibberish. Barnum put his Pinhead in a large cage and when the curtain was pulled back he would yell and shake the bars.

We can only hope a cage awaits the RNC’s Presidential Pinhead.

Copyright (©) 2020 Sally Edelstein All Rights Reserved


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  1. Pierre Lagacé

    Washington (CNN)

    On Thursday night, President Donald Trump accepted the Republican presidential nomination for a second term. Twenty-four hours earlier, he had a very hard time saying exactly what he would do with another four years.

    “But so I think, I think it would be, I think it would be very, very, I think we’d have a very, very solid, we would continue what we’re doing, we’d solidify what we’ve done, and we have other things on our plate that we want to get done,” Trump told The New York Times’ Peter Baker.
    Yes, that’s the quote. And no, it makes no sense.
    Which really shouldn’t surprise anyone paying attention. Trump has repeatedly struggled to articulate why he wants a second term — and what he would do with it — over these last few months.


  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Can this get any worse?

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