How To Best Honor the Notorious RBG

Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I awoke this morning with such a heavy heart as one does after a loved one dies and the world seems changed forever. We are all heartbroken.
It’s easy to get lost in the darkness but the greatest tribute to Ruth Bader Ginsburg is to fight and organize and resist with all our might. I think her death has steeled our resolve tenfold.
When we wipe away our tears, we must gather our strength and fight with the same determination that RBG inspired in all of us.
Rith Bader Ginsburg
This is a call to action. Please share.
Here are the Phone numbers & email addresses of crucial Senators to contact, especially if you are a constituent. Target candidates in vulnerable Republican senatorial races or those who just hate Trump. CALL THEIR OFFICES ON THE PHONE. Call them every day. Say (as politely as you can) that you request that the Senate not confirm another supreme court nominee until after the next president is sworn in on January 20, 2021.
Reports say that Lisa Murkowski has already stated she WILL NOT vote for a new supreme court justice until after the next president is in office. Call her!
Lisa Murkowski: (202) 224-6665 (Hates Trump)
Mitt Romney: (202) 224-5251 (Hates Trump)
Susan Collins: (202) 224-2523 (Is going to lose anyway – so should hate Trump)
Martha McSally: (202) 224-2235 (Vulnerable)
Cory Gardner: (202) 224-5941 (Vulnerable)
We have to have FOUR Republican senators who will vote against in order to save the supreme court. Don’t waste your energy complaining to McConnell. Don’t try to reason with him (but you said in 2016…) that is a waste of energy.
And donate money to every senate candidate we need to win an election and stay in office:
John Hickenlooper in Colorado:
Mark Kelly in Arizona:
Sara Gideon in Maine:
Cal Cunningham in North Carolina:
Jaimie Harrison in South Carolina
 We are truly in the fight of our lives. Weep, but fight. And Vote!


  1. Great work. Let’s get this done!

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    I am a Canadian, but people have to react.
    Talking about replacing her just an hour after she died says a lot about you know who.
    What would people say if their father would say an hour later he would remarried when their mother had just died?

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    • The Republicans didn’t waste a moment before stating that would move to push a vote on the floor. This is going to get very ugly.


      • Pierre Lagacé

        You don’t even know how ugly this will be… The dead count will reach 250,000 when they start voting on it. Keep your power dry he said… How mean can someone be. But this Sally is the beginning of the end for the GOP even if it takes four more years.

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  3. Sweet Sue

    I would add Jamie Harrison to the list of donees.


  4. Mere minutes after the tragic passing of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Senate Republicans couldn’t resist issuing despicable responses.

    Mitch McConnell practically gloated, saying, “President Trump’s nominee will receive a vote on the floor of the United States Senate.” And Ted Cruz—whom Trump is considering naming to fill Ginsburg’s seat—went on Sean Hannity’s show to urge Trump to nominate a new justice “next week.” Sickening


  5. Pierre Lagacé

    I told you it was going to get uglier Sally.

    All this will put the pandemic out of the front page.

    Here in Quebec the cases are rising. A few weeks ago it was aroung 100 a day, now we hit 400 more cases today. Most people here follow measures edicted by the government. I would say most, but it seems it’s not enough.

    Borders between Canada and the U.S. will be again closed until 21 October. I am sure the Canadian government will extend this.


  6. Pierre Lagacé

    This is very interesting to fully understand what he has been doing all his life… You won’t feel any better, but I least you will know his mind works.


  7. The Canadian historian who blogs on Unwritten Histories posted a tribute to RBG that mentioned how the Jewish concept of tikkun olam (‘healing or repairing the world’) was part of RBG’s judicial philosophy. I feel better after reading it — maybe you will, too.


    • Thank you for sharing that. She also passed on Rosh Hashonah eve which according to Jewish tradition is a person of great righteousness. A Jewish teaching says those who die just before the Jewish new year are the ones God has held back until the last moment because they are needed most and were the most righteous.”

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  9. I just finished contacting my senators from Florida, letting them know that the nomination should wait until after the inauguration. You may feel it’s a waste of time, but they need to hear opposition. They need to hear that Trump will only nominate the person who will get him the most votes.


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