A Glorious Day For Dogs

Sally Edelstein and dog stanley and Bidens and their dog

By all counts, yesterday was a glorious day. Even fickle Mother Nature was in a great mood giving us unseasonably warm temperatures and a Biden blue sky as if she too is celebrating the big Blue win.

Still on a high from yesterday, I headed to the place I go when there is joy in my life- my local beach. Having been in the quiet of my neighborhood yesterday I enviously watched the crowds in NYC, knowing that at another time I would have been right there. Now I longed to be among others to share in the jubilation. Despite a lingering hangover, I craved the company of other like-minded enthusiasts.

The beach was jumping, as crowded as July 4th but now with the welcome addition of dogs who are not permitted on the beach in summer. It meant I could bring my labrador retriever Stanley with me. It was hard to tell who was happier having their beloved canines companions with them at the beach the dogs or their owners.

Because the beach was generally filled with a “mixed “ crowd of red and blue, I wore my Biden Harris t-shirt, a not too subtle signal for similar team members.

The beach was crawling with Biden supporters and I got more than my share of knowing smiles, thumbs-ups, and happy exchanges, but it wasn’t long before I realized the afternoon belonged to Stanley. It was he who needed to bond with his own kind too in the wake of the big news.

Dogs were coming back to the White House!

Stanley quickly joined a crowd of assorted breeds, the diversity of their tails wagging in harmony at the thought of Major and Champ becoming America’s First Dogs. There were no red dogs or blue dogs only compatible canines jubilant at seeing themselves represented in the White House again.

It was a glorious day for dogs too! It seems we both got exactly what we needed.

Just like our country.



  1. Beth Feldman

    So heartwarming & glad to see you & Stanley at the beach, your beach!
    Love this piece!


    • Thanks, Beth! We are both so happy to have dogs back in the White House with a beautiful and loving first family. It says so much about the Bidens. And my beach-loving pooch who doesn’t fall far from his sun and sand loving Mom was thrilled for time spent at our favorite beach.


  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! I may not agree with the person in the White House, but when they bring pets, I know I have a connection with them! And the Bidens have two pooches! Thanks for sharing photos of your beautiful pups, too! They look really pleased to have a beach outing. I know it was the healthiest thing you and they could do.


    • Nearly every president of my lifetime has had a pet of some sort. It is more than telling that the distant and dysfunctional Trump family eskew dogs. Even if I disagree with their politics, if a president shows his love of an animal I can go there with him on that. As a dog, Stanley has felt very underrepresented in the WH>


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