Something to Really Gripe About

Donald Trump and Melania on piano 2013

Oh, the injustice of it all!

Stolen elections are one thing. But an underappreciated First Lady and former fashion model rudely snubbed! How much hardship can one man bear?

As usual, Trump’s remarks are way off-key.

Griping from the balmy comfort of his Floridian oceanfront estate, a visibly resentful Donald Trump is bitter that his supermodel wife never made it to the cover of Vogue during his 4-year reign.

This, as 6.7 million adults have something to really feel embittered about. And scared. That’s how many Americans are likely to face eviction or foreclosure in the next 2 months with no help or relief being offered by our government.

Melania Trump VF cover and Food lines foobanks

Let Them Eat Diamonds. Newly installed First Lady Melania Trump appeared on the Jan. 2017 cover of Mexico’s Vanity Fair not only dripping in jewelry but eating a multi-million-pound dinner of them too. Long lines at overrun foodbanks in the U.S. in 2020

As the prospect of emergency unemployment benefits disappearing for an estimated 12 million-plus laid-off Americans seemed a reality, Christmas was less than jolly for so many. Even with the proposed paltry  $600 stimulus check, these folks could not afford to buy a copy of the fashion magazine even if the First Lady actually graced the cover.

They need that $7.99 for food.

Millions of jobless gig workers and independent contractors were set to lose their unemployment benefits after this weekend as Trump held out signing the relief package Congress passed last week.

At the zero hour on Sunday, Trump finally signed the bill extending expanded jobless benefits into March but millions will still lose a week of benefits due to his delay in signing the bill.

That my friends is an injustice to gripe about.





  1. Sally, a little known story is Trump complained when he did not win an Emmy for his show “The Apprentice.” When not given the attention he wants, he has tended to complain. That is why the best way to tell the outgoing president his presence is no longer required or desired is to ignore him. I heard he pitched another temper tantrum claiming everyone not serving his needs is incompetent. Or so I am told, as I did not pay attention to what he said. It was more complaining from a person who Geraldo called an “entitled frat boy.” And, he is a fan of the frat boy. Keith

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    • Sadly Trump does more than complain when he doesn’t get his way. He gets even and hits back with a double punch. We are in the throws of that now as he tries to burn the place down before he leaves.

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      • Sally, I was watching a repeat of Mary Trump on “The View” from earlier this month. I was reminded of two stories. Bob Woodward reported that the Trump staff had to put together a folder of good press clippings each morning for the narcissistic president to review. The other comes from a Republican Congressman who noted when the president had the House Republicans to the White House to celebrate passing a bill to repeal and replace the ACA, which never made it out of the Senate, the Congressman noticed a list on Trump’s desk of Republicans who voted against this awfully constructed and developed bill. This was in keeping with Trump punishing anyone who goes against his wishes.

        Woodward’s first Trump book was called “Fear” as Trump said that is how he governs. Let me be clear. Fear is not good governance – it is authoritarian governance. As Thomas Wells, a Trump attorney wrote in 2016 before the election, if you are on Trump’s good side, do not get used to it. You will not be there for long. Keith


    • Thanks for sharing this, very interesting indeed. When I began my blog it was to take a look at that shining period of American history when America was indeed the leader of the free world and contrast it to what we had become. Never would I have ever anticipated a period like the Trump years when our country came to close to being on the brink of collapse. But our system really does work when all is said and done.


  2. Great post. How many more times will we have to say about this administration and it’s loud-mouth leader “ya can’t make this shit up”? Way to put things into perspective, once again.

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  3. Beth Feldman

    In tears after reading Sally’s on points blog. Would love to see Sally’s writing everyday in newspapers. It would be my go to first article to read.


    • Thank you, Beth, I too had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes as I sat down to write this particular story. Hearing the desperate voices and reading the tragic and all too common stories of how so many are living on the edge, middle-class hard-working families who never dreamed that they would find themselves in these circumstances, juxtaposed to the utter cruelty and disregard by Trump is heart-wrenching and enraging.
      Your supportive words go straight to my heart and I am deeply appreciative.


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