The Best Impeachment

Finally, Donald Trump has true bragging rights. “No one has more Impeachments than I do !”

This extremely stable genius has done what no other American president has ever done.  Been impeached twice.

Be Best

A look back at the best of this narcissist’s  grandiosity:

“No one is more conservative than me.”

“No one is stronger on the Second Amendment than me.”

“No one respects women more than me.

“No one reads the Bible more than me.”

“There’s nobody more pro-Israel than I am.”

“There’s nobody that’s done so much for equality as I have.”

“There’s nobody who feels more strongly about women’s health issues.”

“Nobody knows more about taxes than me, maybe in the history of the world.”

“I have studied the Iran deal in great detail, greater by far than anyone else.”

“Nobody’s ever been more successful than me.”

“Nobody knows banking better than I do.”

“Nobody knows more about debt than I do.”

“Nobody’s bigger or better at the military I am.”

“I am the least racist person you’ll ever meet.”

“Nobody knows the system better than me.”

“Nobody knows politicians better than me.”

“Nobody builds better walls than me.”

“Nobody knows more about trade than me.”






  1. Pierre Lagacé

    You have missed one Sally… “Nobody has lied as much as me…”

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  2. Sally, and no one deserved to be impeached more so than this president. Thanks for the long list of chest beating boasts of the outgoing president. Let me pick three.

    – no one reads the bible more than me – really. This person has bragged on and been reported on that he does not like to read. So, this statement falls flat on its face from two angles.
    – no one respects women more than me – really. This person has more than twenty reputable complaints of sexual harassment and assault, including two rape allegations (a third one was deemed less credible, but a court date had been set to share information).
    – no one knows more about trade than me – no one wins a trade war. And, for someone who knows so much about trade, he is either purposefully and repeatedly lying about who pays the tariffs or he just does not know.

    When Trump says “no one knows” or “everyone is talking about” the next few words are just absolute BS. Take it to the bank. Keith

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  3. Beth Feldman

    Perfect blog for today! It’s stunning he said all this!

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  4. jmartin18rdb

    So many more…


  5. “Trump’s got me beat. I only screwed one intern. He beat me by screwing the entire US Congress!”

    -Bill Clinton


  6. he does know about debt….


  7. Nobody left Washington faster on January 19th…
    He reportedly wants a military departure… like 30 April 1975, Saigon?!


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