Witness to the Best of Us and the Worst of Us

The Shadow Radio Program

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men?

It’s not only The Shadow who knows. Along with that famous 1930’s radio character,  Donald Trump knows the darkness that resides in the hearts of many of our fellow Americans. He knows it because that evil lurks in his black heart too.

Tapping into this historically deep vein of evil, Trump has gleefully exploited it for his own ends. For 4 years angry hate-filled white nationalists have been crawling from beneath the rocks they’ve been hiding under revealing that ugliness that has always been there.

Donald Trump a corrupt common grifter, with the heart of a psychopath unleashed the vilest of our nature.

Fanning the flame of hatred he has offered more than a wink and nod to the darkest elements in our society. His directives are now loud and clear. He has now put his presidential seal of approval on insurrection and hate as though it were a God damm Good Housekeeping seal of approval.

Donald Trump’s politics of hate have now metastasized into violence. We all just witnessed it,

In a nightmarish week of unimaginable chaos and destruction, we have all been privy to the darkness that resides in our fellow citizens.

This week we have had an eyeful of pure evil. The sacred halls of our Capitol were desecrated and unlawfully occupied by a mob of hate-filled, resentful white Americans who live in increasing fear, frustration, and rage that others are taking away their white male privileges.

It was evidence of the worst of humanity and tore at my very soul.

But in this same week as I tried to process the calamity that had happened in our nation’s capital  I also experienced the very best of what we as people can be. It made my soul soar. The juxtaposition has brought me to tears.

A few days ago I was fortunate to be on the receiving end of the best of humanity- the offering of a helpful hand from someone I know only through my blog. A long time reader had reached out to me after reading my year-end round-up post of what I was grateful for in this year of pandemics and pandemonium. Despite the many challenges and financial strains 2020 had brought, I had explained how grateful I was for saving my dog  Stanley’s life. And his saving mine.

She thanked me for my writing over these many years, stories that had brought her enjoyment and insight. That I had brought lightness to her in a year of such darkness. Just knowing that my words can move someone was a gift itself.

But there was more.

Along with a beautiful note, was an offer to help me out financially. I received a generous check, in part to contribute to the “Stanley Rescue” fund, knowing as an animal lover herself, that saving his life came at a steep financial price.

This my friends is the very best of who were are.

I want to believe there are more kind, good souls like this dear woman than there are evil. I am fortunate that my life has been touched by one.

Who knows what goodness lies in the hearts of men? I do. And I am profoundly grateful.



  1. Such a lovely gesture. No doubt, Stanley is smiling. Most of us, I believe, have encountered people during the pandemic who are a little more polite than behaviors we might otherwise see. For me, limited trips to the grocery store always include apologies for blocking an aisle or a “please go ahead of me” offer at check out. No doubt many have found that being in no rush to return to home isolation inspires new patience and consideration. We also can imagine some people we come across are suffering greatly.

    But this dear follower takes it to a higher level. Sending good thoughts to this person and thanks on behalf of all your friends.

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  2. Beth Feldman

    Precious words! I thank you as always & this beautiful soul who is so moved by your life stories. 💜

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  3. Pierre Lagacé

    If America survives this, it will be even greater and start to be a leader in this world.


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