Why Bill Cosby’s Overturned Conviction is another Assault to Sexual Assault Victims”

If only PTSD were as easy to overturn as a sexual assault conviction.

If only Bill Cosby’s victims felt as free as he will now be.

What do we tell those 60 plus victims of Bill Cosby, whose sexual assault conviction was just overturned, who still suffer from nightmares, intrusive thoughts, and constant fears.

How do we comfort these women who suffered at the hands of this sexual predator and rapist? What do we say to comfort these women who were offered a quaalude by a trusted friend only to wake up dazed, confused, and naked in Bill Cosby’s bed?

Decades ago in NYC when my own rapist was offered and accepted a plea deal for the heinous crime he committed which carried significantly less jail time,  I was sickened by the justice system. For the past 4 decades, I have suffered from PTSD.

The Pennsylvania  Supreme Court’s decision about Bill Cosby’s conviction being overturned elicits the same ill-feeling.

Overturning this decision is not without consequences.

What do we tell these close to 50 women, these brave women who had suffered in silence for years but emboldened by the “Me Too Movement” came forward with their stories about Cosby?

For me, in 1979 there would be no Me Too Movement for support.

There was only me.

Scared, alone, and filled with shame, I still came forward. Bravely, yet tentative at a time when the rape shield protections were not in place. So that I could still be questioned about my sex life and past sexual encounters. As if that were relevant to an intruder breaking into my apartment. And asked what I was wearing that morning in bed when I was raped. Indignities aside I pursued a criminal complaint and went to trial.

Only to be ultimately thwarted by the justice system.

Some things it seems, are so slow to change.

Not unlike the symptoms of PTSD.



  1. Pierre Lagacé

    The Justice statue should have its blindfold taken off and have a wink wink I instead…

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  2. Pierre Lagacé

    Strike the “I” Sally…


  3. Michael Simms

    This is a failure of the justice system. Evidently, the prosecuting attorney used testimony that Cosby had made in a civil case which the defendant had been promised would not be used in a criminal case. This technical error invalidated the entire trial. Cosby is now free, but new charges are being prepared. The evidence against him is overwhelming.


  4. Pierre Lagacé

    The Justice statue should have its blindfold taken off and have a wink wink I instead…

    The Justice statue should have its blindfold taken off and have a wink wink instead…


  5. Beth

    A devastating blow to all & I’m so sad for you & all innocent victims suffering.

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  6. Sally, I loved Bill Cosby growing up, so when his date raping crimes were made public of dozens of women, it saddened me greatly. Seeing this announcement made me even more sad. It tells the victims they don’t matter. Keith


  7. Jmartin

    You are amazing. Everyone should read this. It’s the reality for victims; a court should not be allowed erase the truths.


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