Get The Damn Vaccine Already!

Dr Fauci Bobble head

In my home Dr Fauci is so revered, a shrine was constructed as a constant reminder to be vigilant when it comes to COVID particularly the new Delta variant.


Free donuts didn’t do it.

A complimentary cup of coffee didn’t seem to convince the clueless.

Even the lure of a red, white, and blue beer “This Buds For You if You Get a Vaccine” wasn’t enough to entice a sizable number of Americans to get the COVID 19 vaccine. Maybe it will be the free, one-size-fits-all coffins that should be offered by Batesville Casket Company in Indiana that will be the incentive to get the damn shot.

A life-saving procedure that to half of the country was a no-brainer- one they were clamoring and overjoyed to get- is a no-go to a segment of the population who clearly don’t use their brains.

Not when it comes to what they consider to be Dr. Fauci’s Fallacy.

Freedom Road is Paved With Lies

Oh, how these nonbelievers cling to their distortions and lies.

Oh, how they love to mock the truth. And science. Almost as much as they love to mock Dr. Antony Fauci, the American hero they have cast as a villain. Rand Paul is now talking about a Fauci criminal probe!

The sad fact is, these misguided folks, these non-believers are already infected with a virulent strain of an insidious virus, one we were warned about by Hillary Clinton in 1995.  The Vast Right Conspiracy – Rightwingosis – that the First Lady alerted us to has indeed infiltrated our government, our media and infected a large swath of our population.

Primarily affecting Republicans, this group was susceptible due to a pre-existing weakened immune system, as a result of their predisposition to mistrust and fear of the other. As a result, they have been the perfect hosts to this toxic virus.

For now, there doesn’t appear to be any immediate cure let alone a vaccine. A cruel, destructive, and ultimately fatal virus that infects its victims with deadly misinformation, it is marked by the physical disintegration of the spine as it rapidly eats away at the cerebrum leaving only the most primitive parts of the brain. This is exemplified by a recent COVID patient in Louisiana who says he’d opt for hospitalization again over the vaccine.

The spread of this virus is surging as quickly as the Delta Variant.

Super Spreader

Florida had 7,740 COVID cases yesterday- 1 in 5 of the entire country. DeSantis failed Floridian policy of no restrictions includes the right to die.

A super spreader like last weekend’s CPAC  in Dallas was the perfect breeding ground for a carrier like  Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo) who threw the crowd some bloody red meat as she sunk her rabid teeth into all the naysayers sporting Don’t Fauci My Florida T-Shirts.

“Don’t come knocking on my door with your Fauci ouchie,’ she bellowed “You leave us the hell alone.”

If only the willfully unvaccinated would leave us alone and stay home if not vaccinated. Stay out of our restaurants, movie theatres, and concerts.

No proof of vaccination. No problem. No entrance.

Make it a requirement like Macon did in France and if you don’t have it, well, sorry pal, you’ll miss out on life.

Chances are higher you may anyway without getting the vaccine.

© Sally Edelstein and Envisioning The American Dream, 2021





  1. Sally, agreed 100%. Now that the COVID variant is hitting Capitol Hill, some Republicans are changing their tune. It becomes harder to discount it when unvaccinated people are going to the hospital and dying. Keith

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  2. Beth Feldman

    Always love your writing & of course, you are 100% correct!

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  3. Karen Gutfreund

    Fantastic article and it really made me mad when the Orange Man would address him as Anthony. That’s Dr Fauci to you buster!!


  4. dolphinwrite

    In another place, I asked these questions, and invite answers without barbs: 1) If, though reading, observations, discussions, research, I discover the statistics are about 0.01%, meaning 99.99% survival rate, pretty much the flu, should I spend my time worrying about this one? 2) If people can choose to be vaccinated, shouldn’t they be happy and not worry about those who choose otherwise (For their own reasons, perhaps some medical.), but if they still worry, doesn’t this indicate the vaccine isn’t working, as it’s not FDA approved and still in research? 3) Ought people purporting to be concerned about our health be equally concerned with unvaccinated people poring through the borders, and even those who get it, according to some stats, the vaccines aren’t full proof? 4) How many people are able to think for themselves, never mind what family, friends, and others say, going by common sense and research, that the youth may grow up not in fear? **If you get the vaccine solely because of shaming, and more people do this, then we’re becoming a country that can be made to do anything with enough politics, rhetoric, and propaganda.

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  5. dolphinwrite

    Oh, and “no.”


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