Art Show-Agency Feminist Art and Power


I am very honored to be included in a new show Agency: Feminist Art and Power, organized in partnership with the Feminist Art Project and curated by Karen M. Gutfreund, which will be presented in the Museum of Sonoma County (MSC) contemporary galleries from January 22 –June 5, 2022.

Agency: Feminist Art and Power brings together the work of womxn artists who represent different cultural backgrounds, generations, geographic locations, LGBTQ and gender identities, who explore the concept of Agency (the capacity to act or exert one’s own power; to act independently and to make free choices).

These extraordinary artists will present work that examines empowerment, identity, gender roles, aging, gender fluidity, reproductive choice, women and work, violence, and more. The art will challenge our understanding of what shapes us as individuals and communities.

Through this exhibition and the accompanying public and educational programs, MSC will provide multiple opportunities for the public to gain access to cutting-edge work and ideas of womxn artists who are exploring urgent social topics.

Agency- Feminist Art and Power Art Shoe Museum of Sonoma -“Agency Feminist Art and Power “

Along with iconic feminist artists such as Judy Chicago, Martha Wilson, and Joan Semmel included in the exhibition will be artists such as: Rosemary Meza-DesPlas, who depicts anger as a useful tool against oppression, personal and institutional, and an unwillingness to remain silent; Ceciley Wilson’s photographs address Black women’s empowerment using Maya Angelou’s poem “And Still I Rise” as inspiration towards liberation.

Ria Brodell, a non-binary trans artist, addresses society’s strictly prescribed gender roles and the queer experience; Mickalene Thomas’ work explores claiming authority, the “gaze”, and the power in Black  female beauty; ; Sawyer Rose’s work uses data visualization to explore women’s work inequities; Jaune Quick-to-See Smith creates work that addresses current issues facing Native Americans such as the destruction of the environment, and governmental oppression of native cultures; Sonya Kelliher-Combs, an Alaskan Native American, addresses sexual abuse and rape against women, and the struggle for self-definition and identity; Joan Semmel’s large nude paintings are portrayals of sexual empowerment from a woman’s point of view; Winnie van der Rijn’s shredded men’s work shirts are an examination and deconstruction of patriarchal power.

For those in the Bay Area I welcome you to view this important exhibit.

An artists reception originally planned for the opening is being rescheduled for the spring due to COVID. I look forward to seeing you then

For more information, please visit our website:



  1. What a great issue. What a great show. What a great artist.

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  2. Congratulations, Sally!

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  3. Cher Valentino

    That is fantastic Sally – congratulations!

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