House Under Water

Roy Lichtenstein

In another installment of Sally’s Sob Story…. Today’s episode: “House Under Water.”

When we last left our heroine, many thought she has successfully outrun the cruel sheriff in foreclosing her beloved home and that was all far behind her.

Some loyal viewers know this has been far from the truth and issues with her former house still plague her as though in a bad dream she can’t wake up from.

In what has become a topsy turvy Alice in Wonderland world of foreclosures coupled with COVID, her house is not her house but is still her house.

Behind Closed Doors

A quick visit on Saturday to check in with the state of the property revealed a whole new nightmare.

As the front door swung open, it was like entering a rain forest with water gushing out in all directions from ceilings and walls, the gleaming wood floors covered with a dangerously thick layer of ice making walking treacherous.

Despite the fact that faucets throughout the house had been left dripping to prevent any pipe freeze as seasoned homeowners know to do, with N.Y. temperatures plummeting into the teens, pipes burst on all three levels of the house. Gingerly stepping from one room to the next, the water-clogged walls and ceilings sagged as much as her spirit.

When the plumber arrived the following day, it was determined that the heating system pipes had broken as well due to the extreme cold and would need a total replacement.

Deadly black mold lay greedily in wait.

To further add to the cruel sob story- insurance will not cover repairs due to a draconian deductable. What this has extracted from her heart is incalculable.

Open Call

I am now putting a call out for a new set of scriptwriters for the Sally Show. It has jumped the shark with this latest storyline. The studio audience is not enjoying the series of calamitious plot twists bordering on gothic tragedy and would like more uplifting plots. Sponsors are pulling out.

Who wants to binge-watch one implausible disastrous story after another?

I sure don’t.




  1. airclowns

    Hang in there Sally, one day at a time. I’m sure it’s overwhelming I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Good energy zapping it’s way to you!


  2. You are a survivor in so many ways. This, too, will pass — and you wil make art from it somehow…. Best wishes (and admiration!)


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