Celebrating Female Spirit

vintage photograph

Eva Katz and her son Hershel 1946 in a Displaced Persons Camp, Germany. Photo Katz Family collection

Today on International Women’s Day along with the bravery of the Ukrainian women I would be remiss if I didn’t also honor my mother-in-law Eva Katz.

When I look in the faces of the young Ukrainian women walking through the frozen nights juggling babies in their arms, leaving a war-ravaged land that had once been their home, I see her face in theirs.

Braving the incertitude among history’s most jumbled mass of migration after WWII was a courageous young Polish Jewish woman grown older than her 23 years through the unspeakable horrors that no one should ever bear witness to.

Her entire family lost at the hands of the Nazis, separated from her husband, she trudged on with her meager belongings tightly clutching her most valued possession, her precious newborn baby.

This tiny baby boy, born without a home, who would never know what it was to grow up with grandparents, uncles or aunts would one day grow up to be my future husband Hersh  Unable to return to her now-vanished hometown in Poland now rampant with antisemitism, reunited with her husband, they found their way to a Displaced Persons camp in Germany.

Today as I do every day I celebrate the female spirit.



  1. TurtleWorks

    Boom!! You so totally rock!!!! My adopted grandmother did the same thing in Czechoslovakia. Bravery to the nth. Happy You Day!!

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  2. Sally, thanks for sharing this. All the best, Keith

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  3. You are a gifted storyteller, Sally. And your spirit is generous and passionate. Thank you for sharing this story and the honor you bestow.

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  4. One wishes he could hug that poor woman and reassure her all would be ok, that her baby would grow up to live in freedom. Those were awful times, even with the war done. The photo of your mother-in-law and husband reminded me of that Montgomery Clift film (1948), “The Search” where a little boy and his mother try to locate each other after WWII. Very moving. Theirs was a story of millions of families.


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