Florida Just Don’t. Say Gay!


It’s about time! As long as that time is the 1950’s

Praise Jesus! Innocent Floridian school children never have to say or hear the word gay again!

Let’s wave bye-bye to homosexual, queer, and trans, too. They can go quietly back into the dark alley where they belong.

At long last, we can get back to God’s design for marriage, family, and sexuality. And sing hallelujah that now the only acceptable way Heather will ever have two mommies is if one of them is a stepmom from divorced parents. The right Christian way.

Now that the “Don’t Say Gay” bill was passed in the Sunshine State, over-wrought parents of defenseless young school-age children can breathe a heap-big sigh of relief.

The biblical worldview of gender and sexuality will be right back where it belongs- in the 1950s.

Ever since 1997 when that deviant- and likely communist -comedienne Ellen De Generes came out as gay and “Glee” poisoned our high school youth-promoting homosexuality on TV, the gay community has been green-lighted to easily infiltrate our school system dispensing their god-less gospel.

Book Daddy Papa and Me Vintage illustration

Getting back to real family values. (L) Subversive literature -Daddy, Papa and Me by Leslea Newman (R) Vintage illustration Dick, Jane and Sallys family

Disguised as innocent kindergarten teachers, these diabolic plotters insinuate themselves into our safe elementary schools exposing the developing minds of vulnerable students with their aberrant beliefs and lifestyle.

And Lord help us, but who knows what else they are exposing? We all know their satanic agenda. When it comes to teaching the alphabet, they gloss right over the ABCs heading straight to LGBTQ.

Book Love Makes a Family by Sophie Beer

What’s Love Got to Do With It? Typical dangerous propaganda disseminated to our innocent children by the gay agenda.

Most gays spend years in training for their subversive roles making it difficult for the average trusting parents to keep up with every new infectious con game. Like a cancer on our school system, the Gays have relentlessly been increasing their numbers, crowding out healthy Christian beliefs with their sickly destructive ones.

Trying to convert susceptible children is not new. Oh no, the gays have been working their black magic for years to lure others onto their abnormal lifestyle. Not unlike communists, these cunning homosexuals lurked among us for decades, undetected, carrying out covert actions in schools, publishing, and in the media.

Vintage school book illustration

Evidence of their perverted handiwork can be spotted going back generations where subliminal messages were implanted in wholesome textbooks and school books which likely influenced a generation of Boomer and Gen X children to revolt and embrace this wrong lifestyle.

A recently discovered example of their devilish handwork uncovered by me demonstrates how the gays have infiltrated our school curriculum going back to the 1950s.

This illustration “What is a Pair?” from a workbook in 1956, is a blueprint for promoting a gay agenda. Likely planted by the Mattachine Society, (a national gay rights organization founded in 1950) this innocent-seeming drawing with its suggestive text, hoped to entrap the mind of innocent young boys with their suggestion that two men could be a pair, foreshadowing a world where Benji has two daddies.

Anti-Gay Pride

Along with anti-mask mandates,  Florida proudly leads the way in our nation in common sense. Standing up for the American way of freedom. Free choice.

As long as the choice is theirs.

Praise Jesus?

No, even this Jew knows this is not what Jesus would do.

Don’t Say Florida

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  1. You are brilliant, Sally. Not much more to say about this masterpiece other than to urge each of your followers to share it with friends far and wide. And gay and straight. Halleluiah! #SayGayFlorida


  2. Because the GOP has nothing else but the culture war. No economic plan (except get rid of taxes for the rich), no plan to rebuild America, no educational plan, no plans whatsoever except to bring back some mythical America that never really was.

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  3. During the Holocaust it is reported at the Holocaust Museum over 30,000 gays were eliminated by the Nazi regime. It is written there with a caveat. We estimate another 100,000 never made it to the concentration camps after being taken to the police station they were never seen again. Not much sunshine in some minds in Florida.

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    • Yes, Gays had to wear a pink triangle, their version of the yellow star that Jews were forced to wear as identification. Thousands were killed and put in camps. Its a horrible story. Having this law passed against the backdrop of Ukraine feels particularly cruel.

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  4. Sally you always write on topics other avoid. Where is all this hate coming from in the US? Facebook announced yesterday it is okay to make hateful comments towards Russians on Facebook and IG. I have friends from Russia and Ukraine who are not in favor of this war on Facebook. Being anti-war they are being targeted with hateful comments. Being a man who happens to be gay I can feel their pain.

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    • I’m really glad my topics resonate with you. I had not heard that about Facebook which is pretty shocking given how much they police any whiff of hate or offensive speech. Here in NYC several Russian restaurants have been boycotted and badmouthed just because they are Russian and their business is hurting. Both establishments have expressed they don’t support the war which I suspect many Russians don’t. I am sorry for the hurtful attacks on your friends, and for those you’ve experienced as a gay man. . America has never really been a big fan of “the other.”

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  5. echo

    Pretty amazing to see your hatred for normal families. Where did this neurotic phobia come from?


    • I am respectful and appreciative of all forms of families from traditional to those deemed less traditional. I have neither a hatred nor phobia towards traditional family structures. It is the one I was raised in. I am merely advocating to expand our definitions.


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