Florida removes LGBTQ from the ABCs   


I see the handwriting on the wall.

In a remarkable change to the Sunshine states school curriculum. Florida removes LGBTQ from the ABCs.

With those letters officially banned from the alphabet, they are assured that the word GAY can now never be written or read in a classroom.

Transition Banned

Vintage Handwriting manual School

Vintage School Handwriting Manual “Better Handwriting For Everyone” 1962

In another move students are likely to no longer transition to cursive writing as the flourishes and expressive nature of that style of writing are in sharp contrast to the STRAIGHT, regulated up and down of manuscript writing.

In manuscript writing, you keep your paper straight in front of you. No deviation. Each letter in a word is made separately. Separate but equal. The American way.

In cursive writing, the writing is slanted. The paper is queerly and oddly placed on your desk  As though taken out of a Communist handbook, the letters in a word are joined together not only denouncing the individual freedom of each letter but creating inappropriate touching and meaning.




  1. So many reasons not to visit, let alone live in Florida these days. I realize this is satirical, but there is a distinct authoritarian bent to Floridian politics these days. …but you can “open carry”! Whew! The sacred 2nd Amendment is safe in Florida, if not (to use a term I heard in a commercial) “people of melanated skin”.


  2. Wow! Let’s do the math. If you take away 5 letters of the English language, then you have 21 letters left to write with. This is ghoulishly Orwellian. This must be conservative Republican newspeak. It’s been awhile since I’ve read “1984”.


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