Donald Trump’s Huge Hot Mess

“The FBI tried to make it look like I’m a slob” Donald Trump

There is a dangerous conspiracy a foot according to Fox News. Neat freaks and those who suffer from OCD be forewarned- the FBI is coming to mess with your head.

And your well-organized home.

If the nefarious FBI can make us believe a real neatnik like Donald Trump keeps his swanky Mar-a-logo office a mess, is anyone safe?

Donald Trump’s outraged explanation on Truth Social

Along with Trump, Fox News hosts are busting a gut talking about the unnatural, GI-man-made mess in Trump’s home.

His lawyer Alina Habba is crying foul play. She claims his normal neat-as-a-pin office is always “guest ready.”  Perfect for sharing Top Secret documents. Clearly, the FBI is just trying to make us think his office is a mess.

Who could ever believe anything associated with Donald Trump could be chaotic and messy?

Certainly not a man who throws ketchup on the walls in a fit of rage.

That’s what his defenders are going with.

Trump’s attorneys, advisers, and insiders have come up with a number of unusual defenses for this stash of sensitive documents and this tactic may be the most ludicrous and easy to dispute.


GQ article 2015

“The FBI tried to make it look like I’m a slob” Donald Trump cried.

Not so fast there Donnie.

This so-called neat freak has a long, well-documented history of having a disorderly desk. Trump famously had a “messy desk” inviting media analysis.  In fact, at one time he even boasted about the chaos of papers on his office desk.

As President, the famous Resolute desk was seriously cluttered.

In an article in Esquire from February 15, 2017, they bluntly put it: “Donald Trump’s Desk is a Mess!” Their follow-up question “What does this say about the President?”.

“Look at my desk. Papers. You don’t see presidents with that on their desk,” Donald Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity last month.

“The president is proud of his workspace, which sometimes resembles the cluttered atmosphere of the office he occupied at Trump Tower in New York City”

“So what does it mean that our new president has brought his messy work habits to the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office ?”

Vogue asked nearly the same question in January 2017.

Presidents Trumps unorthodox office space isn’t just a departure from those of his predecessors: It might say something about the way he works.

‘Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free from traditions,’ Dr Kathleen D Vohs a behavioral scientist at the University of Minnesota told the New York Times. Meanwhile a clean desk is thought to suggest conventionality.


Trump messy desk

GQ article 2015

Even before he was President, we ignored a warning in an article from GQ in 2015:

“A close reading of Donald Trump’s Super Messy Office. “He’s got some real hoarder tendencies,” they astutely pointed out.

That’s true as he has hoarded top secret stuff.

“The bottom line,” the article said “Donald Trump’s office is a mess. What might he do to the country?”

We were warned.

The answer is all too clear.

All we needed was to look at his messy desk. Just like today.

It’s all laid out for us.

But even if we accept Trump’s protestations. OK, Trump is not a slob. He’s tidy. He’s also a traitor and a criminal.

Good to know he’ll keep his prison cell neat as a pin.

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